Hi Ya Lovebug! I'm

Africa Archield

I'm not just another business coach.
I taught in higher education for over 20 years and spent over 10 years in the finance industry. Along the way I grabbed a few post-graduate degrees and certifications. When I was consulting a business owner in 2006, she asked me to coach her and her husband. I am forever grateful as I know we were divinely destined to meet and for her to provide a name to what I had been doing my whole life - coaching. Now, I get to do what I love every day as I guide socially and spiritually conscious business owners to become visionary leaders so they can scale their business, make a deeper impact, and a higher profit with the effervescent magic of flow.

is your story a little like mine?

i want a JOYOUS life and BOUNTIFUL business that sets my soul on fire while being deeply and divinely supported mentally, spiritually, and financially

It took quite a long time before I believed that was anything but a fantasy.

To be honest, I had been looking around my whole life and had not seen anyone living that way.  What I did see was the Bible verse “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” happen, but not in the way imagined.  From what I could tell, people hated almost everything about themselves and their job/business.  So how they treated others was actually a bit better than they treated themselves. Yuck!

I can’t say I was any better.  At any given point I could share a litany of things wrong with me and my life.  Eventually this led to a complete break from spirituality after my first daughter passed.

Over a decade later, I began to do the inner work, see the world for what it was, and feel the burning desire to midwife the change.  It’s been almost another decade even since that realization, and that desire has turned into a business that supports me mentally, spiritually, and financially.  I am living the life I thought was impossible.

Along those two decades (and before) I’ve learned a lot about life, business, spirituality, and social justice from my experiences as well as those of my clients.  Essentially, I pulled my life out of hustle hell.  It is what I do for my clients. And, it is what I would love to do for you, too.

My clients and I are living proof the fantasy can become your reality!

I believe you can have it all when you work with the effervescent MAGIC of flow™." - Africa Archield

What's your definition of having it all?

For some people it is jet-setting around the world. For others is lounging in their own home on the beach. For me it's oodles of time with my kids, playing video games, building an earthbag house, traveling first class and staying in 5-star hotels, guiding my clients toward living authentically and successfully, shifting the socio-economic paradigm so everyone thrives, and a small cabin in the woods near a babbling brook because my soul sings in nature.

You don't have to sacrifice your life for your business, your mission. You get to have both. We live in a universe of abundance. We live in the era of yes, and . . . so lovebug, what does "having it all" mean to you?