Using CoSchedule for Social Media Scheduling


Wondering how people seem to be on social media all the time and still have time to get things done in their business and spend time with their family? I wondered the same thing! If you are like me, you likely had a social media posting plan, but the time it took to manually post at optimal times was overwhelming. I found myself on social media all day. It became a time suck instead of a way for me to {Read More}

How To Get Clarity With Action


Have you had those times when it seems a million ideas are running through your head and you just aren’t sure which to go with? This video is just for those moments! Dive in and get yourself into action.

Shine On

Africa Archield Shine On

Keep the magic of the holidays going every day by learning to shine.

Own Your Finances


Learn one simple strategy that will help you take ownership of your finances AND develop a better relationship with money. Yep, a solid 2 for 1 deal!

What’s the Point?

What's the Point

There is a point to all of this. More specifically, there is a point to you being here at this time in history. Sometimes it is harder to see than other times. So, let’s switch the question up a bit. You are here for a reason. So, maybe the question should be . . . well, watch the video to find out. It’s likely not what you are thinking.