Three Uplifting Ways to Focus

Some people call it being in a silo or compartmentalizing your life.  I call it focus.  To me, focus is simply being completely present while dealing with what is in front of me.  This means whatever or whoever gets all of me (mind and body star-yellowGod’s got my soulstar-yellow). Focus also means that I’m not distracted internally or externally.  While I know I can’t cover everything, I wanted to give you three awesome ways to maintain focus with children and a spouse underfoot.

Right now, I want to hear from you.  What are some of the things you do to maintain focus?  Which of my top three (mobile device, dump it, or shove it) have you used or you plan to try?

Join the conversation!  Be authentic and caring in your shares and replies as you never know whose heart you may touch with your words.

Have a peaceful, joyous, love-filled day!


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