{Joyous Holidays} Emotional Funk Fix


The holiday season typical brings forward an entire range of emotions for everyone. There is the general joy of the season, but also the added stress of dealing with family members you don’t see often, gift-giving, past issues, and other people’s emotional junk. I’m not saying that the holiday season is the only time these suckie emotions come shooting forward, I have a few other times of the year when I get triggered, only that the holidays seem to be a trigger for most of us.

I do have a few friends and family members that just opt-out altogether. Yes, they are the ones that if forced to go to a holiday gathering have their arms crossed and suck out any cheer that may have been in the room.

So, how do you participate in events when emotionally you really don’t want to be there? In other words, how do you inject some emergency joy into yourself when you are in a funk?

Before we go completely into it, I want to mention that if something has just happened, you may need to take some time to sit with your emotions. Take fifteen minutes or less to throw yourself a pity party when something happens. Cry if you feel like crying. Scream if you feel like screaming. Do what you need to do to feel your emotions. Then get yourself together, gain perspective, and rock it!

Employ your emergency measures: your Emotional Funk Fix List.
It will give you that emergency joy injection you need!

Don’t have your list ready to go? I’ll share mine with you. Feel free to modify, add to, or take away from it, so that it will become your own.


I have my list in my purse, on my phone, and in my bathroom drawer (the bathroom is my favorite place to throw myself a pity party).

Ok, momma! You’ve seen my list. Now it’s time to share yours. Comment below with your own Emotional Funk Fix List.

Just a few lines below here, there are all sorts of buttons to push so you can share this with any other moms you know who may need to craft their own Emotional Fix List.

Have a peaceful, joyous, love-filled day!


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