Getting From Here To There

Need a realistic way to bring ideas to fruition, do goal setting, or project planning? Perhaps you know you need to shake things up in your life, but you aren’t sure what to add, prune, or change.

In today’s video, I provide a broad overview of how to get from where you are now to where you want to go >>> Getting from Here to There.

Use the system presented to your advantage. Run through it a few times, and then tweak it so it becomes your own.

The basic steps are Reflect > Refine > Envision > Connect > Create.

The final step, not even discussed in the video, is Account. You must have someone hold you accountable to the plan you create. I’m not talking about your best friend or partner. They typically say it is OK when you fall off the wagon. And, you need people like that in your life. To hold you accountable, you need someone that will give you a hug when you fall off the wagon, and then kick you in the rear-end until you get back on. Your accountability partner/group doesn’t tolerate excuses. So, who do you have holding you accountable? *shameless plug* It could be me or the {Rock Your Everyday Life} community; it has to be someone. Get someone or join a group, then rock your action plan!

star-yellow Tell me about your idea/project/goal/shift in the comments below. 

I know you love to share good things!  Just a few lines below here, there are all sorts of buttons to push so you can share this video with your friends.  You never know who is trying to find a way from here to there!

Have a peaceful, joyous, love-filled day!



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  • January 25, 2014

    Hi Africa-
    I loved speaking with you and your enthusiasm. I am working on getting a natural skin care line off the ground. Any project managers out there with tips. I am looking for reviewers and bloggers with a big viewers and the strength to keep it moving when it is slow. Thanks Tanya

    • Africa
      January 25, 2014

      I enjoyed our conversation, too, Tanya!

      Ladies, Tanya has an amazing line of products that was designed with some of the best herbal formulations and ingredients. Do check out her website and share it with your friends!

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