The Joy of Everyday Life

I’ve started doing some slice of life videos in response to a 30-day video challenge. A series on finding joy in everyday life is developing.

Below are the first seven videos. Each touch on everyday joy from a different aspect. Any links mentioned in the videos will be available in the resources box below all the videos.

Day One | How Do You React When Your Plans Get Changed?

Day Two | How are You Taking Care of Yourself and Feeding Your Soul?

Day Three | Celebrating Life Events with Your Loved Ones

Day Four | Being a Glorified Taxi Driver AKA Being a Mom

Day Five | Joy is in the Moment and Joy is in the Future

Day Six | Why You Get Down to One Bra or Deny Yourself the Things You Need

Day Seven | Why to Wait in an Era of Instant Gratification

I want to hear from you in the comments below! How do you experience joy in everyday life?  Which video above has inspired you to view joy differently?

I know you love to share good things!  Just a few lines below here, there are all sorts of buttons to push so you can share this video with your friends.  You never know who is looking for joy in their everyday life!

Have a peaceful, joyous, love-filled day!




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