Hello Love Bug!

I’m so exited were were able to connect.  I would like to extend a special offer to you so we can continue the momentum of your Life Path Astrology session with lots of ease and flow so you can live your life on purpose.

Let’s face it, we need a bit more time to wrangle the details.

How does 10 days of unlimited on demand one-on-one coaching sound?

Did I just see you do a happy dance?

I believe that will give us enough time to come up with your concrete next steps -AND- an outline going forward.

You will be able to reach out to me whenever you want during those 10 days with questions (voice/text/video).  I will get back respond with answers, homework, journal questions, etc.  By the end, you will have a plan.  And during the 10 days, you will be taking steps toward your epic life without going into overwhelm.

You will finally feel how balanced, peaceful, and easeful life can be.

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER I’m sharing with you.  Please do not share with others.  The investment is no where near the value.  My private clients invest $2000/month for exactly this service.  So, once it shows “out of stock” it is no longer available.

Questions?  Feel free to use the message box on this page or email me directly.

Looking forward to guiding you on your path.

#PeaceJoyLove Africa


10 Days of Unlimited Coaching

No subject is taboo.  Nothing is off-limits.  So this coaching covers every aspect of you, your business/career, and your life.  You get to reach out to me for coaching as much as you want, whenever you want.

I will respond using my intuition, tarot, your natal chart, and my 20+ years of coaching and business experience to guide you.

Ready?  Sign up below!

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with directions how to get to Voxer (app for your smart phone/website for the computer), find me in the system, and reach out to me so we can get coaching.

Need a payment plan?  PayPal Credit provides 6 months at 0%.  To see if you qualify, choose PayPal as your payment option.  Then click PayPal Credit and follow the instructions.

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Jenny Kassan

California, USA

Africa has provided so much useful content. Whenever I’m feeling confused about a decision I have to make or a response I have to give to an email or just feeling generally challenged, I reach out to Africa and she always has an amazingly helpful, clear, and concise piece of wisdom to share.

Joya Powers

Colorado, USA

I feel like there’s someone else who’s interested in and cares about what I’m doing and is supporting me. I love how Africa has allowed me to follow my own instincts and my intuition because that’s super important to me. She gives you the space and the support to be that way. And I really really appreciate that.

Cecelia Dawe-Gillis

Connecticut, USA

Africa gently let me know I could start small.  It all didn’t have to be done at once.  She held me as powerful so I could begin.  And then momentum built.   I freed myself from the physical and emotional baggage that was not serving me.  I like Africa’s effervescent energy.   In our coaching, possibilities always bubble up.

Melanie Duncan

New York, USA

Africa excels in guiding people to process new ideas quickly due to her understanding of human behavior. This means she teaches in a way that is easy to understand and implement.

Jamie Siv Rognstad


It is pure pleasure working with Africa. Her insights, her knowledge and her clear and no bs way of teaching – and making complex things really easy and understandable is amazing. Every time I think oh no! I’m really not sure this is doable, Africa just explains things, or asks the exact right question, and boom! Things are crystal clear! I totally recommend working with her.