Share Your Awesomeness Without Bragging

What do you do that is absolutely amazing?  Does anyone know about it?  Have you not told anyone because you are afraid of bragging?  No one wants to be a braggart.  How do you stop bragging and start sharing?

Are you thinking that you don't do anything that is absolutely amazing?  If so, click on the video right away!  You need to become aware of the thing you do that is absolutely amazing.

Get it all today in the Conversation Starter: Share Your Awesomeness Without Bragging.

You will learn about how to share rather than brag, why you are sooooo awesome, and why everyone needs to know how awesome you really are!

What are your thoughts on eliciting greatness?  What do you see as the difference between sharing and bragging?  How will you make space on your plate so you can step into your mission?  I would love for you to share your moment-to-moment awesomeness.  There just may be someone who needs what you got!

Join the conversation by sharing below!  Be authentic because you never know how your share or comment will transform another person.

Psst . . . Bonus question --- How do you get someone to stop bragging and start sharing?  I would love to hear the techniques you have or will use!

Hope you enjoyed this vlog entry.

About Africa

Lover of life, spirit, and down-home food.  Mom, wife, and loyal friend.  Libra rising.  Leo sun.  I’m guessing you’re here because I’m an intuitive business coach ready to help you scale your business to $500k and beyond without adding more to your overstuffed plate.  So let’s get to it!

Love Notes

In just one hour, Africa helped me to clarify my next steps in growing my online business.

BEFORE WORKING WITH AFRICA I’ve been consulting in the autism field for over a decade and trying to put the information online for the last 5 years. This spring I finally launched my online course: Autism ABA Help: An Online Program for Professionals and “Gung-Ho” Parents which was a huge success. I launched again in July and that time was even more successful. In the past 5 years I have met with several online business coaches and each helped me a little bit. Thus, prior to meeting with Africa, I was unsure what to do next. HOW AFRICA HELPED ME As an Online Edge Academy member for the past 2 years, I knew of Africa’s reputation and online brand so when I saw a FB ad, I signed up for a 1:1 coaching session. In just one hour, Africa helped me to clarify my next steps in growing my online business. She prepared ahead of time and let me tell her what I needed. I have never had such an amazing online business coaching session! MY LIFE SINCE WORKING WITH AFRICA I have a list to implement that I’m going to work on now! Africa was able to help me strategize quickly and I’m confident I will see a lot of positive changes from her advise. WHAT IT IS LIKE WORKING WITH AFRICA I think Africa is an excellent coach, especially for solo practitioners trying to start or grow their online business.

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