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Turning Dream Killers to Dream Winners

by Africa
Sometimes we just need a change of vantage point to help us see the possibilities.¬† So, I took a look at one of the methods we typically use to investigate a situation – the Reporter’s Questions. There are times when we get a spark – an idea just starting to come to life.¬† We hit it with the questions and snuff it out.¬† I think we might be asking the questions the wrong way. Today’s video is about asking those questions the right way. How can you transpose the typical ways Kipling’s serving men are used to make them truly […]

My Top Three Favorite Ways to Handle Time

by Africa
Do you ever get up with all the best intentions to get things done, but as you lay your head down at night, you realize you didn’t get anything done? I really hate it when that happens. I bet you hate it, too! The best way to avoid this is to handle your time. I’m going to discuss my top three favorite ways to handle time. Specifically, I will get into my favorites for deadlines, priorities, and a subject most people love to hate. Join the conversation below! I’m looking forward to reading your comments on the time management strategies […]

Does Being Plugged in Affect Your Sleep?

by Africa
Do you feel all wound up when you are trying to drift off to sleep? So many people do. What if you are trying to get an entire family to wind down? That becomes a rather sizeable task. One momma reached out to get suggestions on what to do, and one of the answers sparked today’s conversation starter. Let’s discuss all the buzzing, beeping, and glowing of the technological devices that keep us ever connected to the world. A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow. – Charlotte Bronte #womeninbusiness #entrepreneurship Click To Tweet You need to contribute your two cents […]