Does Being Plugged in Affect Your Sleep?

Do you feel all wound up when you are trying to drift off to sleep? So many people do. What if you are trying to get an entire family to wind down? That becomes a rather sizeable task. One momma reached out to get suggestions on what to do, and one of the answers sparked today’s conversation starter.

Let’s discuss all the buzzing, beeping, and glowing of the technological devices that keep us ever connected to the world.

You need to contribute your two cents on this one! Are we really over stimulated from our screened devices and thus have a hard time winding down to drift into sleep? Does the glow of the laptops change our internal clocks? Does our need to be ever present and connect with everyone at a moment’s notice prevent us from really being present with the people right in front of us?

Join the conversation by sharing below! Be authentic because you never know how your share or comment will transform another person.

Have a peaceful, joyous, love-filled day!


Psst . . . Are you up for a challenge? For a week, unplug from all your technological devices 2 hours before bedtime. Don’t forget to report back here about the effects on your sleep!

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