Breaking the Rules

It’s way past my bedtime and I’m breaking one of my big rules. It’s not that I’m crazy about needing beauty sleep. I just like being in tip top readiness for the next day. As a momma, you never know what life is going to throw at you. I also broke another rule today. I guess it really wasn’t exactly a rule. It is more like one of those things you should do. You know the some really good advice someone gave you that may not be that great of advice in reality.

Are you excited about breaking some rules?  Perhaps you should share this video with your friends and really start something sweet – saying no to the “shoulds.”

What rules are you going to break this week (especially the “should” or “good advice” types)?  Perhaps you have already freed yourself.  What did you do?  How has it worked out?

Join the conversation!  Be authentic and caring in your shares and replies as you never know whose heart you may touch with your words.

Have a peaceful, joyous, love-filled day!


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