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Pelting2FinalI thought a change of pace was in order.  In just a few short days, I will celebrate my one year anniversary with my husband.  If you’ve read my about me, you know it was a rollercoaster ride to the altar.  No, not a Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Rollercoaster of Love and not on one of those awesome ones at the amusement park.  It was an emotional rollercoaster.

At times business felt that way too – a crazy emotional rollercoaster about to be derailed by the needs of my spiritual journey, husband, children, family, and friends.  Do you know what I mean?  Instead of my everyday life rocking, it made my everyday life rather suck.

I’ve been working hard on making my life with all I care about a seamless rollercoaster of love since the wedding.  Slowly adding obligations and carefully getting rid of others.  Creating an environment for the love rollercoaster to blossom and have all the seating for who and what I wanted on the ride with me.  It’s been a grand adventure.

Is everything perfectly integrated, Africa?

Are you asking if my love rollercoaster is an awesome smooth well-oiled machine?  Heck no!  You must be kidding me.  Besides, I’ve stopped focusing on perfection anyway.  Definitely overrated!

Like all relationships (and rollercoasters for that matter) my integrated life has its ups and downs.  It falls in and out of sync.  What I have found is with my focus on my love rollercoaster, it is in sync more than not.  Bottom line, that is what matters.


Want to start the journey to making space for your own love rollercoaster to bloom?

  • Break the rules and laugh a lot!
  • Dream a little dream of me – wait I mean recapture your burning desire (a dream is a wish or hope, not a burning desire), and don’t let anyone take it away from you.  It’s likely what you were put on this Earth to do.
  • Want to realize your burning desire?  Put in the work.  You have the ability in you or you wouldn’t have the burning desire in you.  Go after it daily with baby steps.  Don’t get so caught up in perfectionism that you lose yourself in procrastination.
  • What?  You say things never work out for you. You wonder if you should start because something bad might happen.  Well, momma, on every journey there are course corrections.  Stay flexible and open to change.  I’m certain you can handle whatever comes your way.

What, that wasn’t concrete enough?  Did you check out all those video links? 

OK, I know you are time pressed like all mommas, so I’ll wrap this up with three actions you can take in the next 24 hours and sustain for as long as you like.  These are the same action steps I’ve taken on my journey since the day of my wedding and continue to take daily.

star-yellow Wake in the morning with an attitude of gratitude.  My eyes barely open, and I start listing all the people, things, and situations I am grateful for – not just all the good ones, but also the not so good ones.  Yep, it took me awhile to realize the not so good ones were blessings, too.  It is typically the not so good ones that are pushing my boundaries  and creating space for me to grow personally, spiritually, and financially.

star-yellow Throughout the day I forgive people.  Lord knows I have fallen short of grace many times in my life, and likely that is the case for you, too.  So instead of making nasty hand gestures to the turkey that cut you off on the highway, forgive him (yes, I’m showing my gender bias momma).  In fact, be grateful for the chance to forgive him.  And while you are at it, forgive yourself.  I’ve done a lot of crazy horrible things in my life.  Some on purpose, but mostly not.  I had to learn to forgive myself for each of those, and the people, things, and situations that surrounded me at the time.  It can be difficult to forgive yourself and the deep ugly things that have happened to you and around you.  You will be surprised by the profound changes that will occur in your life when you forgive.  Forgiveness is an awesome superpower.  Use it all day, every day.

star-yellow Before you lay your head to sleep, talk to your amazingly husband (your sweetie)!  This was something we recently started doing, and it has made a world of difference in our relationship and for each of us personally.  We take 10 to 30 minutes each night to just talk.  Yep, talk.  If you want to do other things, do them after the talking.  We talk about our day, our relationship, the kids, work, a show, or whatever.  Then we pray together before we drift off to sleep.  This practice brings my day to a magnificent close.  I hope it will do the same for you!

Implementing those three action steps has changed me from the inside out.  I find it easier to come from a place of love in all of my interactions.  It opened up space for my love rollercoaster to blossom.

I hope you act on these three action steps in the next 24 hours.  If you are, let me know below in comments, and definitely keep me updated on the changes you see in your life in comments, too!

Do you have three action steps of your own that helped you make profound changes in your personal, spiritual, and business lives?  Please share them below in comments.

Did the content today make you go hmm . . .?  Share it with your friends!  They need to stop and think differently, too!

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