How to Instantly Stress Less

Momma, have you been craving less stress and more joy in your daily life?  I know I am always looking for a way to get one or the other.  Today, I want to present you with an easy way to instantly get both!  Can I get a loud Woo Hoo!  Check out the video: How to Instantly Stress Less.

Can you believe how easy it is to instantly stress less and inject some major joy into your life?  I know, who would have thought just by being you, much of your stress will just fall to the wayside.

There were a few things I didn’t mention in the video, momma.  Yes, I’ve been trying to make them shorter.  I talked about how presently people keep telling me I should look more professional at events and on camera, but I know I need to come to you as authentically as possible.  I did say authentically as possible.  I do wear make up for the camera, but not typically in my daily life.  I guess you get me a little enhanced. star-yellow

One of the things I didn’t mention was the hard time people gave me when I was in the mortgage industry over my dred locs.  I was constantly being told by well meaning relatives and friends that no one would ever take me seriously unless I cut off my dred locs and went with a more traditional hairstyle.  It was hard to push against this conventional wisdom, but I am glad I did for two reasons.  Firstly, my hair finally grew after so many years of it breaking off when it got six-inches long.  Secondly, I learned to be authentically who I was despite what others thought.  The lesson at the time didn’t totally sink in, but it was a start.  In case you wanted to know, momma, I did well when I was in the mortgage industry.  Neither customers or others in the industry seemed deterred from doing business with me because my dred locs.

In the video, I also talked about how the masks we often wear are lies.  I didn’t elaborate too much on this, but hey, I have a bit more space now!  These lies can be the projections on to us of how others want us to be.  These lies can also be our own projections outward in hopes people will like us more.  The point of the matter is the masks are lies.  They are lies that build up on each other until the point where deciphering the truth of who we are because difficult at best.  Besides, it becomes so difficult to keep up with which mask to wear around whom.  It is much the same way spinning a web of lies entraps liars.  Lose the lies along with the overwhelm and stress.  Live a joyous life by always showing up authentically.

It should have hit me a long time ago, but it took several similar lessons.  I finally realized, the more authentic I am when I show up, the more the right things seem to fall into place.  This creates a huge decrease in stress and lovely large injections of joy!  Some may say I am lucky.  I know that I am blessed because I am willing to shine brightly with all the gifts (quirks) that God put inside of me.

star-yellow Shine on momma! star-yellow

Did the video and content today get you excited?  I want to read all about it in the comments below.  Just a few lines below here, there are all sorts of buttons to push so you can share this all this stress relieve and joy with your friends!  They need it, too!

Have a peaceful, joyous, love-filled day!


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