{Joyous Holidays} DIY Cousin It Christmas Tree


Have you ever had a DIY project go crazy sideways? It happened to me and Hunter, my daughter, this holiday season. Hubby is working his hardest to make me not go holiday crazy this year, even down to my Christmas Day menu. So, that meant no Christmas tree, too. But, I had an idea that he could not get upset about. I decided to pull together a Christmas tree for less than $2.

The tree didn’t turn out exactly how I had it envisioned in my head. Sometimes I forget I am a bit artistically challenged. So I offer you a glimpse of what all have dubbed my Cousin It (Adam’s Family fame) Christmas Tree.


Please use my example as inspiration for what could be executed in a more beautiful fashion.

I went to the my local Lowe’s and picked up a tomato cage and an entire flat bed cart of tree trimmings. The tomato cage was $1.50 and the tree trimmings were free.

Tree Making Supplies

When I got home, I grabbed some left over 22 gauge floral wire, a coffee burlap sack, an empty flower pot, and a pair of needle-nose pliers. As we got into the build of the tree, the flower pot and burlap sack became a moot point as the weight of the branches pushed the tomato cage down over both. I’m sure it could have been done differently to avoid this happening. I also ended up grabbing a pair of bypass cutters (used to cut small tree limbs) to use on the trimmings.

Attaching Branches 01 Attaching Branches 02 Attaching Branches 03

We, mainly Hunter, wired the branches to the tomato cage. She layered as she went up. When she finished wiring to the tomato cage, she added in branches here and there to fill it in.

 Cousin It Tree

When all was said and done, our glorious Christmas tree looked a bit like Cousin It. In fact, my husband asked why Cousin It was in our home. He wasn’t so sure that what looked like Cousin It was our Christmas tree.

 Cousin It Tree Decorated

Later, we added lights and an angel. I think it looks a bit more like a Christmas tree. What about you?

I fully embrace that this was a DIY project gone awry. What would you have done differently? Have you ever had a holiday project fall apart? Looking forward to reading all about it in the comments below!

Have a peaceful, joyous, love-filled day!


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