Are You a Good Financial Risk?

True confession video coming your way this week. Maybe you will be able to relate. I have always been good about money, but not good with money. I knew all the things you were supposed to do. Helped other people get their money drama straight. All the time, I was hoping they would not look at my train wreck finances. I knew what to do. I just failed to do it for myself.

So how does a reckless crazed entitled spender change? You’ll find out in the video as well as my three secrets for turning over a new financial leaf.

I’m baring my soul to you today!

A quick rundown of the three secrets:

star-yellow Show gratitude for the flow of money.

star-yellow Borrow with a written payback plan.

star-yellow Automate your savings and tithing.

I go deeper into each one in the video. Watch and get all the deets!

I want to hear from you in the comments below! Have you turned over a new financial leaf? Have you changed your bad financial ways?

I know you love to share good things!  Just a few lines below here, there are all sorts of buttons to push so you can share this video with your friends.  You never know who is trying to become a good financial risk!

Have a peaceful, joyous, love-filled day!



Ramit Sethi is my surrogate Asian father, and I’m sure he’d want to be your surrogate Asian father, too! I have been blessed to use some of his techniques and actually speak with him personally. Ramit is the real raw deal! He does not sugar-coat! ¬†I especially recommend his work for those who abhor the concept of deprivation and budgeting.
FYI: His book is not about getting rich quick. He is all about compound interest!

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  • February 10, 2014

    This fabulous! It is the love of money as scripture says not money itself. Jesus taught more on money than anything else. Steven Desilva does great work in his book and training the Prosperous Soul, we are often stuck in this belief that money is evil which keeps us unempowered to help and do wonderful things for the world. As my father says: “Money is only a way to keep score.” It is neither good or bad but will bring out what is good or troubling in the person themselves. God, the master in Mathew 25 rewards the worker who doubles the “talents” that are given to them and banishes the servant that just buries the money. You are the only you that God has made and he made you on purpose to be great for Him! God loves to give and He has the abundance to do that! Gather yourself up and say” I am a Prosperous Soul, Lord you are a great daddy, you teach me to do well by my children and I have faith you will do well by me,” let it rain blessing on your precious child. Remember to watch for those blessings and count them one by one!

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