Radical Self-Care

I love going on pampered adventures! You know, spa days/weekends with a bit of adventure tucked in for fun. They provide the ultimate recharge of your batteries. But, sometimes we need something now and all we have is a morning or afternoon to recharge so we can come from a place of love.

Now comes the radical part of self-care! You can host a DIY retreat for your girlfriends. Check out all the deets in this week’s video.

In the specific mom retreat I discuss in the video, one of the parts of the renewal is absolutely life changing. It is something you can implement whether or not you opt to do a retreat, though I believe doing a retreat will give you some amazing momentum for implementation.

I mentioned the “L” of GLAM Time in the video, Come from Love.  Want to know more about GLAM Time and include the practice in your daily routine?  Download the GLAM Time infographic here. I want to hear from you in the comments below! Share the last time you were given a compliment.  What would you have done differently? I know you love to share good things!  Just a few lines below here, there are all sorts of buttons to push so you can share this video with your friends.  You never know who needs some radical self-care! Have a peaceful, joyous, love-filled day!



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  • Wow! What a fabulous video, Africa! I’m so glad you enjoyed our first DIY Mamas’ Retreat Kit, and I love how you were able to relate it here both to your own experience and that of those you work with.

    I’ve been working really hard on receiving compliments fully, with a smile and a thank you, and a moment to absorb what was said, because before coming up with the Take a Compliment kit, I struggled with that too. I would normally laugh off a compliment or quickly throw it back, feeling uncomfortable at the attention. But hearing wonderful heartfelt compliments from my mama friends when we did this activity together helped me enormously – I still hold their words in my heart. And now I will hold your words there too!

    • Africa
      March 14, 2014

      Thanks for your kind words, Pippa!

      Deflection is something that comes so naturally to me that taking a compliment is something I do not do well at all. I get so embarrassed sometimes! You wouldn’t think good attention like that could be so unsettling.

      Thank you for the container to practice in a safe space.

  • March 18, 2014

    A lovely video and message! I have learnt the easiest way to accept a compliment is with a simple ‘thank you’ and a smile. There is no need for any more explanation, deflection or denial. It is good manners after all too 🙂

    • Africa
      March 18, 2014

      I’m glad you enjoyed the video, Kirsten!

      You are soooo right. Saying thank you is just good manners. SImple and elegant in execution, yet not done enough.

      I’ve been noticing how often people put themselves down when being complimented, both women and men. At a painting party last night, people were complimenting each other’s work, and the people complimented were saying how horrible the work was or how it needed to be fixed here and there.

      A simple thank you and smile would have gone a long way!

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