Tips for Your Photo Shoot Experience

Are you ready to take that next step to amp up your visibility through the images of yourself you share online? Not quite sure what to expect when you meet with your rockstar photographer? I’ve got you covered in this quick video where my photographer and I share some tips to make your photo shoot experience wonderful!


Did you enjoy this video and want to have your own photo shoot experience as well as learn hands on with the tools you need to amp up your visibility online? Join me at the Visibility Ignition Retreat!

I read an interesting article just a few days after my photo shoot that captured some of the suggestions you heard in the video and a few I forgot to share . . . like the one on how to hold your head to take the perfect picture. Warning: It’s super awkward!

Do you have any tips for having an awesome photo shoot experience? Please comment with them below. You never know how your tip will help someone else.

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  • Katerina
    March 23, 2015

    This is awesome Africa!!

    • Africa
      March 24, 2015

      So glad you enjoyed it, Katerina!

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