Tech Review | Boost Productivity & Make Email Automation a Snap with ActiveCampaign

Do you find yourself sending the same email over and over again? Or wish there was an automated way to follow up with your clients without losing the personal touch?

Your wait is over! ActiveCampaign makes those tasks and all of email marketing a snap.

In this review I provide a rough overview of ActiveCampaign and take you behind the scenes to look at their visual email automation tool as well as discuss how you can use your client’s website visits to deliver a custom experience with automated emails.

What did you love about ActiveCampaign? How do you use automation in your biz right now or how do you plan to use it? Please comment below. You never know how your experiences and ideas will help someone else.


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    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Kellie. I believe ActiveCampaign is such an amazing email and CRM client.

      Can’t wait to train more on ActiveCampaign. Bring on the questions! <3

  1. Thanks, Africa! This was very helpful. As I’m an AC newbie (just signed up today and found you through an article on their website), I’m unclear of which of the features you showcased are paid and which come with the free account. Would you mind expanding?

    Thanks! xx

    1. L’Erin, thanks for asking! Everything I talk about in the article on Active Campaign’s website ( can be done on their basic plan.

      As far as I know Active Campaign has a free trial, but not a free account anymore. If you have one of the older grandfathered free accounts, I’m not sure of the features included. However, as long as your can do site and event tracking, you can do what I described.

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