3 Lies Women with a Message (aka Entrepreneurs) Tell Themselves

Sometimes it is easy to tell when someone is lying to you. It could be how they shift their body, or their voice cracks, or a general nervousness about them. You get to take in the whole picture, not just what they are saying to you. But, it is a little different when it comes to the lies we tell ourselves, especially as women with a message. Is it due to nature, nurture, or society? Who knows! It’s just important to recognize them for what they are — lies, and then do something constructive about it.

In this quick scope, I planned to discuss three lies, but I need up discussing more. 😀


Which lie are you currently tell yourself or have you told yourself in the past? Which lie have you told yourself that I’m missing? Please comment with them below. You never know how your tip will help someone else.

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