How to Reach Your Goals Faster

Want to reach your goals faster? In this video, I discuss 3 ways to achieve success faster (aka how to achieve your goals faster). If you are ready to follow your calling, do what you love, and achieve your dreams . . . search no further. Let’s dive into goal setting and personal growth so you can have the #PeaceJoyLove Lifestyle you desire.

Well, it’s the middle of the year again.  And many women have come to me and talked about the goals at the beginning of the year.  And here we are at the middle of the year, and they don’t feel as accomplished as they thought they would be.  So today, we’re going to talk about goal setting and maximizing results.

I’m super excited to be here with you today; I want to jump right into this goal-setting thing.

You know, I’ve not been the biggest goal setter in the past, or as some people like to call them goal diggers. I have not been that person.  But, I know, there are certain milestones I want to reach in my life. And then I take steps to get there. I like to do what’s called short term goal setting.  And I like a 90-day horizon. I’m very familiar with what I can do in 90 days. And if I try to set out six months or a year, two, 5, 10, 20 years from now, it overwhelms me.  So if you’re one of those people, you can raise your hand and know that it’s okay. But if you’re someone who does love to set those long term goals, I understand. It’s just not for me.

I’m going to show you how to achieve and accelerate your results no matter whether you’re in the short term

window like me in 90 days, or you’re going all the way out to five to 10 years from now. It doesn’t matter; these principles always apply.

The first principle I want to discuss is alignment.  If your goals are not in alignment, they become challenging to achieve. Instead of being influenced – instead of like serendipitous activities going on around you all the time where you feel supported, to bring something forward, you’re in a constant push and strife and hustle like crazy trying to make it happen instead of allowing it to happen. There’s just a whole difference in energy around that. So let’s take this moment and talk about what does that means to be in alignment — having goals and dreams and desires that are in alignment. In alignment with what? Right? In alignment with your soul, with your calling, with why it is you’re here to do. Whatever it is, you are here to do. That part my love, I can’t answer for you. I’m going to ask you this question take a moment, and seriously give this some consideration. Why do you want to do what you want to do?

Okay, I’m assuming that you have an answer to the question: Why do you want to do what you want to do? Because that is what’s going to serve almost like a compass. Like your North Star, saying whether or not something is in alignment. Because if you know that answer, you’re going to know where all your goals should be. You should know that this is something kind of like a bright and shiny object that you could just as well ignore, or this is something you need to go after. Your goals are something that’s really in alignment, and you’ll just beautifully flow with because it’s something that you are called here to bring into fruition. So the first thing you need to look at is, are all the goals that you set out, are they in alignment? And more importantly, if they’re not in alignment, you could just let them go. Right? If they’re not and alignment, let them go. And then use that energy to keep up with those goals that are in alignment.

The second principle is making some time. When you make time to achieve your goals, they are going to get done. I mean, it’d be lovely if everything we did was passive, right? Like we just thought about it once, and then it happened, and there’s nothing else to go along with it. That would be beautiful. I rather love that idea. But we’re not quite there in consciousness or our understanding of quantum physics. So for most of us, we still need to do some activity on a fairly regular basis to achieve our goals. All right, so what do you need to do? How often do you need to do it? Depends on what that goal is. I mean, there’s a difference in what I do daily.

One of my goals was I wanted to increase my flexibility. I had some measurable bits of this. I’m not really into SMART goals, but I knew I wanted to improve my flexibility to a point where I could get up and off the floor anytime I wanted to. I could roll around on the floor with my son. So I made those my measurable goals, right. So I incorporated yoga, and stretching and other things into my morning and evening routines so that I could meet that goal. So that honestly, it becomes a habit, a complete lifestyle change.

Okay, other things, like some of the projects I’m working on now, I may not work on them every day. Now there’s a project I’m working on; it’s a goal I want to achieve. I feel it’s part of my calling, but I know I can’t devote time to it every day. So I picked two times during the week where I pull out an entire four-hour chunk, to work on that. You’ll find that depending on what you’re doing depends on the time and how often you need to devote to it. Keep in mind you need to do something regularly so that you’re moving toward the goal and n just kind of float away in the back of your mind. With smaller bits of implementation, you have all those beautiful ways that the people around you can support you. And by happenstance, all those serendipitous things can’t happen if you’re not doing your part. If it’s not in the front of your mind, you’re not even going to see those little opportunities, those fortuitous introductions when they happen. So make sure to keep your goals front and center, make sure to be doing something with them regularly.

Alright, principle number three, it’s all about accountability. Typically, accountability only means that you’re telling maybe one or two people, perhaps even a small little group. And yes, you will get all those incredible support and serendipitous acts and people are thinking about your goal tonight, it’s just lending a lot of energy to it. But when you’re public about your goals, that’s when that energy goes further, and acceleration happens faster. I know there’s a lot of people who say,

“Oh, don’t tell a lot of people what you’re doing, they could put you down, they could ruin what you’re doing. They could take your idea. They could whatever.”

This is what you are called to do. This is an alignment, it’s not about someone else, taking your idea. It’s not about people putting you down or not liking your idea, not that that won’t happen, and it likely will happen. But what happens when that does happen, it sharpens your sword. You know how to talk about and defend where you’re going with whatever it is that you’re doing. You are surer of it within yourself, which then turns around and makes it easier to achieve. Every time someone says,

“That can’t happen, you can’t do it, you don’t have time, you don’t have money, you don’t have the smart, you don’t have the resources”.

And boy haters can come at you pretty fast with all of that stuff. Just know that’s an opportunity for you to keep moving forward to move forward what their perceived block is for you. If it even is a block for you. Right, it’s where you get stronger and more confident and more resilient. And that strength and confidence and resilience can push you through just about anything. And I hate using the word push, but the phrase push is right. It’s where you have this beautiful bounce back. And you’re going to keep going because you’re more confident. And that accelerates the pace in which you reach your goals.

Now I have so much more to say about this from; How to know if your goals are in alignment?, How to get aligned goals? And then I want to show you a technique that I have for manifesting your goals even faster, right using your kind of magic mixed in to manifest your goals.

If there’s anything else you want to learn about goal setting, please let me know in the comments.  And, let me know which of the three principles that you’ve been using and which of them you’re going to start using now.

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