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Something I love about Gemini is probably what most people hate about Gemini: their indecision. People with this sign tend to be indecisive because they know so much and they love to feed on knowledge. Gemini can see both sides of every situation. This makes them really good communicators and it also makes Gemini really good salespeople! 


If you really want to be good in sales, you have to understand all sides of a situation. It becomes really important in your sales system, not only in order to understand the prospective client and what they like but also to use their language, so they think that you’re literally speaking directly to them!

Getting into their heads is just the first step. You also need to know more about your prospective client’s circle: the people who influence them around the clock. What are these other people telling your client? It’s this “other noise” that’s entangling with your prospective client’s own thoughts, breeding confusion and frustration.


When you scratch below the surface and have deep conversations with clients or prospective clients, their fears and hesitations come out. These fears might sound like:

“What if something goes wrong?”

“What if something doesn’t happen as planned?”

“What if I’m being taken advantage of?”

They have these fears, you have these fears, and even I have them too! You can only help others move through these fears if you push past mundane pleasantries. In general as a society, we often ask “how was your day?” and expect the response to be “I’m having a good day.” This surface level communication often leads us to bottle that noise up instead of diving deeper to examine what’s really going on.

#Parks and Recreation from daughter of the north;

We’re not truly showing up to have deep conversations when we say “how are you”- we don’t want to hear how someone is really doing, but ironically, oftentimes we need to hear that. We must go deeper with our communication. That’s what makes us human and keeps us interconnected. This is the level of communication you need to have with your clients. 


Personal issues affect your business. We love to think we can compartmentalize and as much as we try to, it really doesn’t work. I’ve seen where people were having personal problems at home and thought they were leaving those problems at home. But it was coming into the workplace, affecting their productivity, and affecting how they engaged with people. They thought they were fine but they were not fine. So I was sitting them down, asking, “What’s wrong?”

Those are the kinds of conversations you need to be having with clients and potential clients. You need to have that deeper communication, because if you’re not having that deeper communication with them, it can become harder for them to say yes. 

Whether you’re doing sales calls, discovery calls, or seeing if someone meets a certain criteria prior to sending them a link: you need to go deeper. You need to go deeper in the DMs with them and really have a conversation. 

Sometimes when you don’t go deep enough with a person, you miss seeing they are not a good fit. After a surface level conversation, you might think “Yes, I’d love to work with you.” But later, you may come to realize a deeper conversation with them was warranted because you hadn’t talked to them long enough to cut through their façade. You only realize it’s a mistake after the fact. Don’t let that be you.


Work with people who you’re going to enjoy working with. You’ve been at this game long enough to know that you only want to work with people who are a good fit. Sometimes we get desperate and we want money, or sometimes you just didn’t realize they’re not a good fit because you didn’t spend enough time getting to know them. 

This is the time to get to know people. Whatever your normal “get-to-know-you” shtick is, consider that surface level and go deeper. GO DEEPER. Really get to know your clients, potential clients, colleagues, team members, contractors, and whoever else you work with. Change how you communicate, go deep with them, and really understand what’s going on in their lives.


Comment below with how YOU are going to go deeper and connect with your client this week. 

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