What’s the Effect On Business When Planets Go Into Retrograde | Mercury + Venus Spotlight

Do you know what you should do in your business when Mercury and Venus are in retrograde? Be intentional, especially in making changes! The retrograde period is the time to re-examine what’s going on in your business and make any necessary changes.

Slow the F*** Down

With the retrograde, you need to take the time to slow down and analyze. Carefully examine what you are doing and if your business is matching up with your why. As human beings we’re in that mode of constantly evolving. Therefore, things have changed and your why may have changed. You need to be aware of these changes and take the time to intentionally evaluate where you are and where you would like to be. 

This period can be full of creativity and energy. It may be the time to make big changes in your business such as:

  • How you deal with expenditures
  • Launching or relaunching your business or programs offered
  • Restructuring parts of your business
Slow the F*** Down Road

Were you born under a Retrograde?

While a retrograde can affect everyone differently (some more than others), have you noticed that it may not affect you at all? You may want to look into your natal chart. Often, people born under a retrograde may not feel the effects at all!

Take me, as an example. I was born in a Mercury retrograde. I use to think to myself, “I don’t know why people flip out over Mercury retrograde. I don’t have any issues.” And when I took a look at others, I noticed during Mercury in retrograde some bizarre technological problems with computers or other electronics. People often prepare by backing up their computer and important information. I’ve never done that (although I should!) and I really don’t have tech issues during this period.

Venus in Retrograde

Venus rules Libra and Taurus. Taurus is associated with ruling your money while Libra rules contracts. That means you need to really be aware of your contracts and money during this time. It may be important during this period of time to:

  • Avoid legal battles
  • Hold off on signing contracts
  • Keep an eye on your personal expenses

Venus also rules love. You’re going to want to keep an eye on anything having to do with your relationships. Those are going to be reexamined during Venus in retrograde. Stuff’s going to come up and this gives you the opportunity to have some really good discussions with others.

Be aware of your contracts and money Venus


Comment below with how Venus or Mercury in retrograde has affected your business!

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