Make REAL MONEY in your Soul-Aligned Biz in 90 Days

You may be thinking that you could NEVER make money with your gift . . .

  • No one understands what you do.
  • You have trouble clearly explaining what you do.
  • Your gift is doesn't provide something tangible because it is transformation.
  • You are wondering who would pay you to help them.
  • You have a nagging feeling you're not "good enough" at it.

If you found yourself nodding “YES” to one or more of the items as you read the list, then this is an exciting moment for you!  Why?  Because you are in the right place to move forward with a new way of seeing your gifts and their ability to support your soul-aligned lifestyle.

You Are Ready For Change

You realize that if your don’t STEP UP and learn how to MAKE REAL MONEY with your gifts that you will not be able to share them with your soul-aligned tribe in the way intended.  You know in the core of your being that you are meant for big things, and now you’re ready to make it happen.

Imagine the feeling when you can easily share your gift with your soul-aligned tribe and fill your programs . . .

  • You live your life completely in flow.
  • You have predictable income.
  • You enjoy time with family, friends, and your tribe.
  • You uplevel your life and business easily.
  • You are making the change in the world that was on your heart to do.

Now when you reach out, your soul-aligned tribe responds because you know when and how to engage them.

I have been in your shoes.

Frustrated and confused because all my efforts were getting me no where fast.

And I can promise you there is a way to turn it all around and start making money within 90 days.

Hey Love Bug, I'm Africa!

A guide for you, a spiritual woman building her online empire that supports her soul-aligned lifestyle WITHOUT compromise.

I feel in many respects, I’m a lot like you. I am ambitious AF and can’t imagine being any other way. I had success in many of my offline endeavors, so online empire building seemed like a no-brainer until I tried . . . and failed multiple times.

At one point I took a break.  I was so afraid I couldn’t ramp my business up that when my husband was about to take a job that included a huge pay cut, I boomeranged back into corporate.  My business . . . my calling was running on fumes.  When I saw the handwriting on the corporate wall that layoffs were coming, I had mixed emotions.  I was excited to leave and devote myself to my business and terrified about making as much as I had in my corporate position.

I looked at all my personal and business assets (money, list, following, etc.) along with when I expected my last day of work to be, and I made a plan.  I needed to replace my corporate salary within 90 days.

You can probably guess that I did it.  Within 90 days I had replaced my corporate salary.  Actually, I did it in 45 days.  I was over the moon. 

I have been blessed to see how well the life and business lessons I teach have helped my clients prosper online.  Let me help you create your own 90 day profit plan.



Dive into the PRE-WORK immediately . . .

  • Uncover your beliefs so you can RE-PROGRAM your mindset and BREAK through your self-imposed limits
  • Get clear on who you are and WHAT YOU REALLY WANT so that you can embrace your desires of your heart.
  • Articulate WHO YOU SERVE and WHAT THEY WANT from you.
  • Discover you hidden HIDDEN MONEY BLOCKS so they will not blindside you going forward.
  • Assess where you are in your BUSINESS JOURNEY to stabilize your foundation as you continue to grow.


Touch the Soul of Your Business

  • Uncover the SECRET DESIRES AND STRENGTHS of your business during this guided visualization.
  • Form a DEEPER CONNECTION to your gifts.

Lay All Your Cards on the Table

  • Review all your PERSONAL AND BUSINESS ASSETS to get into reality about what you have and what you need.
  • Learn where all the DESIRES AND DREAMS overlap so you can create a money making business.

Craft Your Custom 90 Day Profit Plan

  • Learn the strategies to develop a program that will have your SOUL-ALIGNED TRIBE CLAMORING TO SIGN UP to work with you.
  • Walk away with MILESTONES to reach based on your business journey, BI-WEEKLY SPRINTS to celebrate wins throughout the 90 days, and DAILY ACTIONS to make it all happen.


$2500 Invest In Full


  • Wants to step up to her calling in a powerful calm way and no longer feel overwhelmed and afraid.
  • Desires to have "it" all and is willing to make the changes to secure her vision.
  • Wants to learn the skills and develop the mindset necessary to succeed.


  • Loves to complain and stay in victim mentality.
  • Wants an easy button without having to do the inner work.
  • Enjoys being average or comfortable.

As women, we’ve been conditioned that it’s acceptable to spend thousands on college educations, weddings, cars, or vacations… yet when it comes to learning how to EFFECTIVELY MAKE MONEY USING OUR GIFTS we seem to get nervous about investing in ourselves.

Well it’s time for a reality check.

Because when you learn how to ATTRACT AND ENGAGE WITH YOUR SOUL-ALIGNED TRIBE by developing the necessary skills and working through your unconscious beliefs this will have an IMMEDIATE IMPACT on your mental, physical, and financial situation.

Did I hear you breath a sigh of relief?

Invest your time and energy so you can do your part to change the world in the way that only you can.

You now know that there is a SYSTEM to hone your skills, reprogram your beliefs, increase your confidence, create custom systems to support you, and finally feel at PEACE within yourself . . .

So to NOT follow it . . . would be insane.

What is it worth to you to change your situation?

What will happen if you choose NOT to do anything?

Really let that sink in.

If you have been waiting for a sign to determine what's next . . . here it is . . .


$2500 Invest In Full


Frequently Asked Questions

I have worked for over a decade as a successful life and business coach for women. 

I also taught in higher education for over 20 years and spent over 10 years in financial corporations.

I hold degrees in English (BA), Adult and Developmental Education (MA), and Leadership and Social Change (EdS). I also hold certifications in coaching, Sacred Money Archetypes, and Sales Funnel Optimization.

This program is the culmination of my experiences and those of my clients. The testimonials on this page are from real-life clients who did the work and received the results they were seeking and more. That being said, I do not guarantee or warrant results and the testimonials on this page may not be typical for all my clients. Not only does my lawyer require me to make that disclaimer, but it is the truth. The results you get from the program are up to you. Show up and do the work.

In a word, No.  Due to the nature of this private 1:1 work, there are no refunds.

Of course! With all the information online, you can learn ANYTHING; however, if you are time-strapped right now, imagine shifting through tons of information and then attempting to duct-tape things together that may or may not work for your situation. 

You don’t have to go it alone.

The 90 Day Profit Plan provides you with a way to shorten the learning curve and receive expert coaching and mentorship instead of being bombarded by the millions of conflicting voices on the Internet. 

Remember, the whole purpose of making this change is to step into greater flow and ease with your business, not less.