Helping successful women who

want to burn it all down come

back from the brink and create

the life + business they desire

0 %
of Women Owned Businesses generate over $100,000 in revenue (WBL)
0 %
of Small Business Owners manage NOT to work weekends (Fundera)
0 %
of Women Owned Businesses Have 2+ Employees (Guidant)


My guess is that you see yourself in some of the statistics above. You’ve finally made it over 6-figures in revenue.  Congratulations!  You’re in the club that only 12% of Women Owned Businesses make it into.  Want to scale to 1 million? What you did to get to $100k is not going to get you to 1M.  How do I know? Only 4.2% of Women Owned Businesses cross that threshold (NAWBO).

You likely already realized that you need help.  You might have even tried contractors, outsourcing, and employees.  Yet, you are still working weekends, and likely nights, too (like 81% of small business owners (Fundera)).  This is your baby.  It makes sense that you are working overtime to “make it happen” and also have come to know that your extra hard work has not materialized into a lot more money (Fundera).

I’m also guessing that you didn’t start your business to give yourself an unrelenting job.  You wanted to make an impact.  You wanted to play in your zone of genius.  You wanted financial and time freedom so you could create amazing memories for your family, friends, and yourself.

Did I hear you say, “Yes!” And then quickly follow that with a, “But how?”


As spiritually and socially conscious women business owners, we are massive job creators . . . and when we create jobs, we level the playing field so that more people win.  We are the new economy.  Each of us plays a role that beckons us to shine.  I help women make the change they want to see in the world. Along the way, my clients skyrocket their money in a business that supports their lifestyle . . . relaxing into their success!  Ready to take the next step into the steady growth of your business and lead the life you always wanted?

Hello . . . I'm Africa Archield

And I work with visionaries struggling with the infrastructure to scale to 7-figures+.

I am a Maximizer with Scorpio rising, and I love taking something good and making it superb using all the tools at my disposal, both conventional and spiritual. This has served me and my clients well since my 2006 entry into the business consulting and coaching world.

Simply put, my unique superpowers and professional background will help you scale while working less and making more money and impact. 

I was a professor and worked in the finance industry. Now, I'm a soulful entrepreneur and coach. Here’s how I can help . . .

Banish Overwhelm

Got 15 minutes? Discover why you are feeling overwhelmed.  And how you can focus on three areas that will immediately give you back time + headspace.  It’s all in the on-demand mini-training. Don’t wait. Watch it now.

Time for Your Soulful Reset

Hitting a revenue ceiling and working maniac hours? Let’s get you back 5 – 10 hours a week of your time + free up your energy, so you’re not feeling so damn exhausted.  And yes, you’ll still make the same amount (often more).

Scaling Isn't Just About Strategy

Strategy, planning, and turn the knobs on marketing and sales are the fiddly bits we gravitate to when we want to make changes in our business.  And they are important to do.  In fact, they will likely account for a solid 10 – 20% of your success.  The other 80 – 90% is you.  It is who you become in the process of building your business — the mindset you develop that really moves the needle.  Mindset work is something my clients enjoy doing because they see the difference in their business and in their lives.  I’ve put together 18 guided meditations that cover a plethora of issues business owners like us come up against. Let’s start developing your 7-figure mindset together.


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. . . AND SHE SAID . . .


You get to have it all and define what it is to you.

For some people it is jet-setting around the world. For others is lounging in their own home on the beach.

For me it oodles of time with my kids, playing video games, building an earthbag house, traveling first class and staying in 5-star hotels, guiding my clients toward living authentically and successfully, shifting the socio-economic paradigm so everyone thrives, and a small cabin in the woods near a babbling brook because my soul sings in nature.

You don't have to sacrifice your life for your business, your mission. You get to have both. We live in a universe of abundance. We live in the era of yes, and . . . so lovebug, as you flow into 7-figures, what does "having it all" mean to you?

#PeaceJoyLove Africa