The Moment It All Changed

It hit me all at once when I was half listening.  A man said, “love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  Honestly, I had heard it a million times before.  My father is a minister, my uncle is a minister, my grandfather is a minister, and well I could go on and on.  There are several iterations of this commandment in the Bible, but that day, it seemed like the first time I understood how that kind of love related to me.  Galatians 5:14; I made a note.

I started listening, praying, and meditating more.  My life began to change as I accepted my calling: love your neighbor as you love yourself.

My Calling/Mission

To spread peace, joy, and love by teaching women how to love themselves deeply and completely.  In turn, they can teach others this selfless and self-full love, so all can truly love their neighbor as intended.

What has taken so long is coming to the how to fulfill my calling . . . my mission.  I’ve had several iterations of my business (easily seen in my blog posts), and each iteration has brought me closer to using all my gifts to bring things to fruition.

In helping women get their biz online and automated so they can take their message global, I also aid them in getting on their three-fold path of personal, spiritual, and financial actualization.  The net effect is a more peaceful, joyous, and loving world.

What #PeaceJoyLove Means to Me


AfricaArchield_SmileIt is all about getting the inside, your beliefs, your foundation, your core, together to begin the outside work.  This peace is being the calm in eye of a hurricane.  Reality is completely different in the eye, and you can extend that reality out once you learn to love your core fully.  Peace is truly loving yourself.


I love to laugh!  Laughter instantly raises your energy level.  Laughter can alter your mood in such amazing ways.  Laughter is joyous.  Joyousness is contagious!  Be the one who infects people with joy.  This is where the abundance and riches come into light.  By fully loving your core, you become rich in joy and can give it out abundantly to those around you.  The super sweet part – Joy makes you a magnet for more joy!


Rippling love throughout the world takes energy; however, with a firm foundation in peace and joy it is effortless.  Rippling love throughout the world becomes bliss!  You become a beacon in a world where others do not love themselves much if at all.  You show true love of your neighbor because you learned to love yourself.


I am goofy and a bit irreverent, especially in my videos and blog posts.  I am not perfect.  I do not have all the answers.  I am real.  I pass along the best information as I get it because I want to help move you forward fearlessly.

star-yellow If you get offended easily by silliness, I am not your girl.  Do not watch the videos or subscribe to my email list.

star-yellow If discussions of God, the Bible, or anything else related to religion or spirituality offends you, again, I am not your girl.  Do not watch the videos or subscribe to my email list.

star-yellow If you are ready to have fun, live fully, and interact with a community of evolutionaries that wants to do the same, please watch the videos, subscribe to my email list, and join the conversation.  We have been waiting for you!

Fast Facts About Me


star-yellow I’m mom to a little boy and a big girl born eleven years apart.

star-yellow My little sister and I have the same age difference as my daughter and son.

star-yellow I worked in the mortgage industry for seven years during the boom.

star-yellow Purple is my favorite color.

star-yellow I love shopping at the farmers market. Buy local!

star-yellow My parents think I’m a hippie that was born too late for the movement. 


star-yellow I make a lot of my own cleaning and body products.

star-yellow I was married for 20 years (I was really young), divorced, and married my shy (and secretly silly) second husband.

star-yellow I’ve consulted companies in streamlining their systems, increasing efficiency, and creating a welcoming collaborative culture.  

star-yellow My friends run the gamut of beliefs, ideas, and influence.  I love learning from them!

star-yellow Did I mention I love laughing?  I mean, I really love laughing.  I think it may be my superpower ♥


Want to craft your ideal life?  Let’s talk and get you started!


Africa Archield earned her EdS in Leadership & Social Change, MA in Adult & Developmental Education, and BA in English.  Her passion for coaching was reignited when she stepped into her mission.  Though she coached extensively in the past, Africa continues to  seek out new ways to hone her coaching skills to accelerated the progress her clients make.