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Jamie Siv Rognstad

Oslo, Norway

I started working with Africa almost 2 years ago, and I just have to say that it is pure pleasure. Her insights, her knowledge and her clear and no bs way of teaching - and making complex things really easy and understandable is amazing. Every time I think oh no! I'm really not sure this is doable, Africa just explains things, or asks the exact right question, and boom! Things are crystal clear! I totally recommend working with her.
Jamie SR

Linda Galvan

Texas, USA

Africa is my Biz Strategist Extraordinaire! I can't tell you how much she has helped me with my business.  Things are beginning to move and shake in whole new directions.  This woman is practical and genius all at the same time and a joy to work with!

Hey Love Bug, I'm Africa!

I feel in many respects, I'm a lot like you. I am ambitious AF in every area of my life and can't imagine being any other way. However, I found in my higher ed teaching life and corporate career that my ambition and creativity were either strangled or I needed to compromise my values.

Instead of accepting that was the way life had to be, I wanted to be better and do better. My family and friends , they thought I was crazy for leaving my "safe" job.
  • I opted to follow my calling, my passion so that I was living on purpose and felt fulfilled in my work.
  • I opted to grow unrestricted by a bureaucracy which enabled me to create meaningful change in the lives of others.
  • I opted to be present for my family and myself without asking for permission.
  • I opted to release the stress of management who expected me to meet unrealistic deadlines and work overtime without comp time.
  • I opted to get paid well instead of allowing others to take credit for my work or being paid less than my male peers with less experience.
Do you feel the same way?

SPOILER ALERT: There are over 11 million women just like us in the United States alone (as of 2016) who opted out of the BS and started their own businesses!

You are not crazy for wanting to leave your "safe" job. There are women who have done it and there are women as you read this who are doing it.

Before I gave notice at my soul-sucking corporate job, I made an escape plan. I suggest you make an escape plan, too!

Melanie Duncan

New York, USA

Africa excels in guiding people to process new ideas quickly due to her understanding of human behavior. This means she teaches in a way that is easy to understand and implement.

No Need To Feel Like Alice In Wonderland

There is a way forward. There is a path to take. In fact, I'd LOVE to talk with you about plan to go from your soul-sucking corporate job to the life and wildly successful business you desire. Take the first step. Click the button below. Start creating your Escape Plan.