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Hey Love Bug, I'm Africa!

I’m so happy that you are here.  I know it means you ARE ready to end your love affair with overwhelm and step fully into the woman you were born to be.

I feel in many respects, I’m a lot like you. I am ambitious AF and can’t imagine being any other way. I always strive to be at the top, not to compete with others, but just to be the best I can be while being of massive service to those around me. And several times, this ambition almost cost me my family.

I remember the day my daughter was holding her newborn baby brother. She looked at me and made me promise to be there for him because I wasn’t for her. She reminded me of how I use to pick her up from school, take her back to work with me, and she would sit quietly on the couch in my office while I worked into the night. I thought I was getting in work and family time. I was wrong.

Then and even after that conversation all I did was fall into overwhelm trying to juggle everything so I could have a perfect life. I’m ashamed to say everything crashed more than once before I started learning from my mistakes. And by crash, I mean: failing health – failing marriage – failing emotional and spiritual state. I was a HOT mess. 

No need for THAT to be your story!  Let’s get you on the right track.


Africa Archield

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