With Banish Business Overwhelm Private Coaching, You Receive ONE FULL YEAR OF UNLIMITED Voxer + Video Access with Africa.
One Rule: Wait, there are no rules!

You're a spiritual woman following her calling and a business owner. You are a lightworker. You need the practical and the spiritual to align in your life in a profound and magnetic way. You know there is no separation between who you are and what you do. You are your business. And you want coaching that recognizes your unique and holistic way of being.


I believe you can have it all when you work with the effervescent magic of flow." - Africa Archield

I know all about . . .

  • Crazy issues coming up in your business.
  • Problems with the kids.
  • The pull of your calling.
  • Your marriage falling on the rocks.
  • Wanting to be seen.
  • Being scared to be seen.
  • Your body being in some kind of rebellion against you.
  • Somehow offending your bestie.
  • The competing demands on your time.
  • Your car breaking down.
  • How hard it can be to describe what you do.
  • Your house looking like a post-apoplectic landscape.
  • Desiring to be "successful" so naysayers take you seriously.

I know about it because I lived it for years, and my clients have lived it, too.

There is a different way of being. In your heart, you know that is #Truth.

Let me be YOUR GUIDE?

  • Reach out in that moment when everything is going mad.
  • Take your life from good to great.
  • Create plans, systems, and options to move forward in ease.
  • Practice remaining open to possibilities.
  • Follow step-by-step videos that show you which buttons to push.
  • Release stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion.
  • Ground into and use your intuition throughout your life and business.
  • Work Less . Make More . Transform the World

How We Work Together

1 Simply click the "Sign Me Up!" Button.

Signing up is easy. You will receive unlimited private coaching in BANISH BUSINESS OVERWHELM for ONE FULL YEAR for only $6666 (less than $556/month).

2 Schedule Your First Deep Dive.

Over the course of the year, we will meet three times via Zoom for 90 minutes to strategically plan what’s next in your life and business. You will receive a recording and transcript of these sessions.  And they will serve as the basis for our unlimited private coaching via Voxer + video.

3 Complete the Assesments & Workbook.

Upon registration, you will receive immediate access to the PRIVATE CLIENT member area.  Here you will be able to complete the assessments and accelerator workbook.  I need at least 48 hours to review your assessments and workbook prior to our first deep dive.  This allows me to thoroughly review the details about you and your business so our meeting can be laser-focused.

4 Start Coaching As Much As You Want When You Want.

I will be there for you.  I know how questions jump out in the middle of the night OR on the weekend OR right after you hung up from a coaching call.  That’s why I designed this program to have unlimited in-the-moment, private coaching.  I wanted to be there when you needed me the most.  FYI – I do sleep and spend time with family.  While I typically get back within the hour or same day, it may be the following day (up to 2 days for videos).

You Can Have It All


Jenny Kassan

California, USA


Africa has provided so much useful content.  In our kick off call, she helped me get clarity on several items that had been confusing me and also gave me some suggestions for actions I could take that would make my business more efficient and profitable.  Whenever I’m feeling confused about a decision I have to make or a response I have to give to an email or just feeling generally challenged, I reach out to Africa and she always has an amazingly helpful, clear, and concise piece of wisdom to share.

Cecelia Dawe-Gillis

New York, USA

I freed myself from the physical & emotional baggage that was not serving me

When I started working with Africa, I was dealing with clutter and doing things out of obligation rather than doing what was best for all involved.  Africa gently let me know I could start small.  It all didn’t have to be done at once.  She held me as powerful so I could begin.  And then momentum built.   I freed myself from the physical and emotional baggage that was not serving me.  I like Africa’s effervescent energy.   In our coaching possibilities always bubble up.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have worked for over a decade as a successful life and business coach for women. 

I also taught in higher education for over 20 years and spent over 10 years in financial corporations.

I hold degrees in English (BA), Adult and Developmental Education (MA), and Leadership and Social Change (EdS). I also hold certifications in coaching, Sacred Money Archetypes, and Sales Funnel Optimization.

This program is the culmination of my experiences and those of my clients. The testimonials on this page are from real-life clients who did the work and received the results they were seeking and more. That being said, I do not guarantee or warrant results and the testimonials on this page may not be typical for all my clients. Not only does my lawyer require me to make that disclaimer, but it is the truth. The results you get from the program are up to you. Show up and do the work.

Banish Business Overwhelm is designed for spiritual women entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs.  By working privately, we can start wherever you are and get you where you want to go.  This may mean starting your business or taking your business to the next level.

In a word, No.  Due to the nature of individual attention and material delivery, there are no refunds.

Of course! With all the information online, you can learn ANYTHING; however, if you are time-strapped and frustrated right now, imagine shifting through tons of information and then attempting to duct-tape things together that may or may not work for your situation. 

You don’t have to go it alone.

Banish Business Overwhelm provides you with a way to shorten the learning curve and receive expert coaching and mentorship instead of being bombarded by the millions of conflicting voices on the Internet. 

Remember, the whole purpose of making this change is to step into greater flow and ease in your life and business, not less.

If you have been waiting for a sign to determine what's next

. . . here it is . . .