Africa Archield

Share Your Awesomeness Without Bragging

by Africa
What do you do that is absolutely amazing?  Does anyone know about it?  Have you not told anyone because you are afraid of bragging?  No one wants to be a braggart.  How do you stop bragging and start sharing? Are you thinking that you don’t do anything that is absolutely amazing?  If so, click on the video right away!  You need to become aware of the thing you do that is absolutely amazing. Get it all today in the Conversation Starter: Share Your Awesomeness Without Bragging. You will learn about how to share rather than brag, why you are sooooo […]


by Africa
I had an interesting passing conversation with my friend, Margaret.  Between kids running back and forth, we attempted to discuss the idea of community.  Margaret asked some intriguing questions that give us today’s Conversation Starter: Community. Not every single kind of community is touched on, but I’ll discuss a few ideas on what a community is, how to build a community, and why one should be built. Community is the support you give and receive from others. #womeninbusiness #entrepreneurship Click To Tweet I’m interested in your two cents on communities.  What does community mean to you?  How do you build […]

Self-Confidence vs. Certainty

by Africa
It’s your time in the spotlight.  Doesn’t matter if it is for a presentation like the woman in our conversation starter or the pressure you feel from others in more informal settings (playground, parties, doctor’s office, etc.). When the spotlight is turned on you, do you freeze up?  Do you feel a little queasy?  Do strange things pour out of your mouth in rapid succession that makes no sense at all?  Do you just avoid these situations altogether? I’ve got a treat for you in today’s Conversation Starter: Self-Confidence vs. Certainty. You will learn two secrets and a bit about […]