I believe you can build an online empire that supports the lifestyle of your dreams WITHOUT going BROKE or spinning out in INDECISION.

Did I hear you say, “Africa, get real!” because . . .

  • You never know when the money is coming.
  • You are working 60+ hours a week on your business and still not seeing the results.
  • You know your work is awesome, but no one knows who you are or cares.
  • You do not have a consistent way to generate new clients.
  • You are just starting out and have no idea what to do next.

If one or more of those reasons popped into your head, then I am happy you are here! Why? Because you’re in the right place to make a radical change in your life and business.  

Hey Lovebug, I’m Africa!

I feel in many respects, I’m a lot like you. I am ambitious AF and can’t imagine being any other way. I had success in many of my offline endeavors, so online empire building seemed like a no-brainer until I tried . . . and failed multiple times.

When I started, everyone was blogging, and video was the hip new thing.  I opted to do video over writing.  I was cutting edge, but had no clients. 

So I began going to every free webinar I could find hoping to learn the one trick that would change my fortune.  When I finally realized that wasn’t going to work, I joined program after program that offered any hope of cracking the code.  Within a few years,  I was in tens of thousands of dollars in debt because I was trying to find the magic bullet.

I remember being so frustrated.  My business was costing me more and more every month and my home life was a wreck as well.  I would beat myself up on a daily basis about not being able to make this online thing work.  And for awhile, I just quit.  I gave up.  

I don’t want that for you!

Instead, I want you realize the outcome . . . one day waking up and knowing I could realize my dream.  I decided to throw caution to the wind and show up fully as all of me and heed my calling.

I have been blessed to see how well the life and business lessons I teach have helped my clients prosper online.  Now, I want to help even more women in a way that is meaningful and affordable so they can get their business going.  To that end, I curated the Business Building Bundle from several of my previous programs.

Are You Ready To:

  • Finally get clarity in your business so you can move forward confidently - I've got just the two questions you need to ask yourself.
  • Get a list of all the necessary items you need to build your online empire - it's less than you think!
  • Give your business a quick cash boost - even if you are just starting 💗
  • Feel confident in working with your people - you are too precious to be for everyone!
  • Develop an easy way to stay on track with your calling - no matter how tempting the bright and shiny object.
  • Easily create content and package your services for maximum appeal.
  • Get your mindset on point - be hater resilient 😉

. . . Then the Business Building Bundle is For You

The Business Building Bundle contains over SIX HOURS of video and accompanying worksheets from my various programs pulled together to help you take the next best step for you in building an online empire that will support your lifestyle. 

  • VIDEO ONE: The Real First Questions to Answer About Your Business -- $222 Value
  • VIDEO TWO: What You Need to Start an Online Biz Today -- $222 Value
  • VIDEO THREE: Make Money Fast with Biz Quickstart -- $222 Value
  • VIDEO FOUR: Identify Your Tribe -- $222 Value
  • VIDEO FIVE: Develop Your True North Biz Compass -- $222 Value
  • VIDEO SIX: Serve Your Tribe + Be Authentic -- $222 Value
  • VIDEO SEVEN: Develop Your Signature System -- $222 Value
  • VIDEO EIGHT: Signature System Uses -- $222 Value
  • VIDEO NINE: Package Your Program -- $222 Value
  • VIDEO TEN: When Others Doubt You & You Doubt Yourself -- $222 Value

Can it help you build your online empire, have loads of raving fans, and ideal clients on a waiting list to work with you?  Of course.  The bundle was curated to do just that.  Can I guarantee that?  No.  I don’t know you, your ability to execute, or your depth of belief in yourself.  What I can say is the content will be provided to not only work on your business foundation, but also your internal foundation.  It takes building both to create an empire.

What Else is in the Videos?

  • Each video has between 6 to 90 minutes of content.
  • Each video is loaded with business tips + online strategies.
  • There are five meditations and prayers included in the videos.
  • An overall energy infusion that will help you become a vibrational match for your dream online business + lifestyle
Get INSTANT Access (for your binge watching pleasure) and unlimited replays to all 10 Training Videos Upon Purchase Below 👇


The Business Building Bundle is valued at:


Get it today for:

>>> $222 <<<

Choose from TWO levels of support:

Business Building Bundle

$ 222 Or 3 Bi-Weekly Payments of $77

Business Building Bundle - VIP Upgrade

$ 1111 Or 3 Bi-Weekly Payments of $375
  • Deep Dive Private Session with Africa

Take a Moment to Imagine the Feeling When Your Business is Supporting Your Lifestyle

  • You feel more confident.
  • You spend less time working in and on your business.
  • You have more peace in your home.
  • You feel calm and happy.
  • Your business grows quickly.
  • You enjoy time with your family and friends.
  • You find money flows to you consistently and easily.

If you desire any of those outcomes, the Business Building Bundle is for you!

Pre-purchase questions? Not a problem! Ask in the chat box at the bottom right of this screen.