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3 Lies Women with a Message (aka Entrepreneurs) Tell Themselves

by Africa
Sometimes it is easy to tell when someone is lying to you. It could be how they shift their body, or their voice cracks, or a general nervousness about them. You get to take in the whole picture, not just what they are saying to you. But, it is a little different when it comes to the lies we tell ourselves, especially as women with a message. Is it due to nature, nurture, or society? Who knows! It’s just important to recognize them for what they are — lies, and then do something constructive about it.

Own Your Finances

by Africa
Learn one simple strategy that will help you take ownership of your finances AND develop a better relationship with money. Yep, a solid 2 for 1 deal!
Africa Archield Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream

by Africa
Sometimes life comes at you rather fast.  That has been the case these last two months for me.  My son broke his arm and my mother-in-law passed.  After we drove across the country for her funeral and back, my husband’s uncle passed less than two weeks later.  Events like those bring life into sharp focus.  Why am I here?  What can of legacy do  I want to leave? Since tomorrow is never promised, am I living in the way I want?  Am I living my dream? The short slice of life video contains just one of the many reasons I chose […]

The Joy of Everyday Life

by Africa
I’ve started doing some slice of life videos in response to a 30-day video challenge. A series on finding joy in everyday life is developing. Below are the first seven videos. Each touch on everyday joy from a different aspect. Any links mentioned in the videos will be available in the resources box below all the videos. Day One | How Do You React When Your Plans Get Changed? Day Two | How are You Taking Care of Yourself and Feeding Your Soul? Day Three | Celebrating Life Events with Your Loved Ones Day Four | Being a Glorified Taxi […]

The 3 Foundation Pieces to Starting or Upleveling Your Biz

by Africa
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about starting or upleveling a business. At first, I was surprised, but then I realized I have a lot of experience with the subject. I worked for over seven years in the finance industry and saw just about everything. The video today distills that experience with my current knowledge base. The three foundation pieces are: time, money, and commitment. If you are missing one of them, you are building on an unstable foundation. This will manifest as consistent fires popping up in your business. I’ve got you covered with some simple, but not […]