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Are You a Good Financial Risk?

by Africa
True confession video coming your way this week. Maybe you will be able to relate. I have always been good about money, but not good with money. I knew all the things you were supposed to do. Helped other people get their money drama straight. All the time, I was hoping they would not look at my train wreck finances. I knew what to do. I just failed to do it for myself. So how does a reckless crazed entitled spender change? You’ll find out in the video as well as my three secrets for turning over a new financial […]

Should You Be A Stay At Home Mom?

by Africa

I’ve been talking with my friend, Sue.  She is about to have a baby!  You would think I was having the baby because I am soooo excited!

Sue is trying to figure out if she should be a stay at home mom or not.  You would not believe the myriad of things floating through her mind as she was trying to make her decision: lifestyle, perception, expenses, full-time, soccer moms, part-time, car payments, daycare, boredom, and so much more.  She was in a mental whirlwind.  In the video, you’ll get the rest of the skinny on her situation, and the three steps I went through with her to make a decision.

Get Happy Momma!

by Africa
When I did my interview a month ago with Tee Ming, she was really excited about my proclamation to get happy.  Being a mom in a state of overwhelm is simply not healthy for the momma, the family, or the world.  I know we (all of us mommas) can make the world a better place.  Let’s start by always coming from a place of love.  Let’s move from overwhelmed to overjoyed! What was your big takeaway from the interview?  What do you want to know more about?  I want to read all about it in the comments below.  Just a few […]