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{Joyous Holidays} Breaking Bread

by Africa
Holidays are the time for wonderful meals with family and friends. So many holiday events, so little time. I am known for bringing holiday goodies to events. Not just any holiday goodies, homemade cookies, cakes, and candies. Things get extra crazy a few days before Christmas. My daughter, Hunter, and I work like crazy to make sure we bake up enough for each family’s household we will be seeing. It is quite a bit as my parents are divorced and remarried. I have three siblings on each side of my family. Then it just extends out from there. My baby […]

{Joyous Holidays} Emotional Funk Fix

by Africa
The holiday season typical brings forward an entire range of emotions for everyone. There is the general joy of the season, but also the added stress of dealing with family members you don’t see often, gift-giving, past issues, and other people’s emotional junk. I’m not saying that the holiday season is the only time these suckie emotions come shooting forward, I have a few other times of the year when I get triggered, only that the holidays seem to be a trigger for most of us. I do have a few friends and family members that just opt-out altogether. Yes, […]

{Joyous Holidays} Shape Your Legacy

by Africa
Over Thanksgiving, my step-brother said we were immortal. We’re not kids anymore, so I wasn’t really sure where he was headed with this notion. I know there was a time I thought I would live forever and could leap tall buildings in a single bound, but that isn’t today. Honestly, that hasn’t been for quite some time. I guess the hush in the room was finally too much, and he explained that we are immortal because of our children. There was a bit of nervous laughter, and then we all told stories about how awesome our kids are! After the […]