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Tips for Your Photo Shoot Experience

by Africa
Are you ready to take that next step to amp up your visibility through the images of yourself you share online? Not quite sure what to expect when you meet with your rockstar photographer? I've got you covered in this quick video where my photographer and I share some tips to make your photo shoot experience wonderful!

I read an interesting article just a few days after my photo shoot that captured some of the suggestions you heard in the video and a few I forgot to share . . . like the one on how to hold your head to take the perfect picture. Warning: It's super awkward!
Africa Archield Shine On

Shine On

by Africa
Keep the magic of the holidays going every day by learning to shine.

Are You Ready to Receive?

by Africa
I've been having a lot of conversations lately about money, packaging, pricing, and getting paid. There seems to be a lot of apprehension about being paid a fair amount if the product or service is something the person considers their God-given gift or mission.

That concern is likely just the wrapping around something that goes quite deeper which is explored in the video.
Africa Archield Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream

by Africa
Sometimes life comes at you rather fast.  That has been the case these last two months for me.  My son broke his arm and my mother-in-law passed.  After we drove across the country for her funeral and back, my husband's uncle passed less than two weeks later.  Events like those bring life into sharp focus.  Why am I here?  What can of legacy do  I want to leave? Since tomorrow is never promised, am I living in the way I want?  Am I living my dream?

The short slice of life video contains just one of the many reasons I chose to live my dream.  May you be inspired to live your dream, too!

Radical Self-Care

by Africa
I love going on pampered adventures! You know, spa days/weekends with a bit of adventure tucked in for fun. They provide the ultimate recharge of your batteries. But, sometimes we need something now and all we have is a morning or afternoon to recharge so we can come from a place of love.

Now comes the radical part of self-care! You can host a DIY retreat for your girlfriends. Check out all the deets in this week's video.

In the specific mom retreat I discuss in the video, one of the parts of the renewal is absolutely life changing. It is something you can implement whether or not you opt to do a retreat, though I believe doing a retreat will give you some amazing momentum for implementation.

I mentioned the "L" of GLAM Time in the…