Connect With Clients On A Deeper Level

Want to increase sales and work with people you love? It’s all about going deeper with clients than you thought. In this video, I discuss why leaning into your Gemini is a good idea, why personal issues affect work despite the silo, and why going deep with potential clients is a game-changer. If you want to see revenue soar in your coaching or consulting business, be sure to watch until the end.

Women Entrepreneurs Lead the Socio-Economic Paradigm Shift

The numbers are in, and they tell the story of women business owners shifting the socioeconomic paradigm. As spiritually and socially conscious entrepreneurs, they hire more and circulate their wealth. This is how the current economic paradigm shifts in the favor of everyone rising.

Playing in Your Zone Of Genius

Playing in Your Zone Of Genius // As an entrepreneur it is easy to get caught in what Gay Hendricks calls your zone of excellence in his book The Big Leap. In coaching entrepreneurs since 2006, I’ve noticed this being a key issue. When we worked together to transcend from their zone of excellence into their zone of genius, their dream business manifested. They were able to cut their hours in half and make more money while having FUN in their business. It’s possible. It can be your life, too.

How To Energetically Prepare For Difficult Conversations

Entrepreneur or not, there will be times you need to have a difficult conversation. I call them truth-telling sessions. It doesn’t matter if you need to have a conversation with your clients, employees, contractors, friends, family, or spouse, I’m sharing one of the best ways I know to unload any energetic baggage and go into any of these situations with clean energy so that you have created an environment for the best outcome possible.

SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEURS Make A Difference In Uncertain Times

Starseeds, lightworkers, healers, coaches, and spiritual entrepreneurs wondering in times of uncertainty and global shifts it can be difficult to know what part to play, if any, to aid the change. So many different movements may be pulling you in their direction, and the fear of standing up may have you stymied at the same time. In this video, I share a download from our ancestors to help us see a way forward to the 5D during this 3D chaos.