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What to Do When You Feel Stuck or Overwhelmed in Your Biz

by Africa
Have you been stuck on something when you are in creation mode for your biz? Things like picking a graphic, deciding on a color or even a font, and then you don’t move forward on everything else that needs to get done? I’m definitely guilty of this!

{Inspire} Your Business Prophecy

by Africa
You and your business are self-fulfilling prophecy. What are you professing about your business right now? Please share one of your prophecies with me and we will hold it together as truth.
Africa Archield Shine On

Shine On

by Africa
Keep the magic of the holidays going every day by learning to shine.
What's the Point

What’s the Point?

by Africa
There is a point to all of this. More specifically, there is a point to you being here at this time in history. Sometimes it is harder to see than other times. So, let’s switch the question up a bit. You are here for a reason. So, maybe the question should be . . . well, watch the video to find out. It’s likely not what you are thinking.
Africa Archield Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream

by Africa
Sometimes life comes at you rather fast.  That has been the case these last two months for me.  My son broke his arm and my mother-in-law passed.  After we drove across the country for her funeral and back, my husband’s uncle passed less than two weeks later.  Events like those bring life into sharp focus.  Why am I here?  What can of legacy do  I want to leave? Since tomorrow is never promised, am I living in the way I want?  Am I living my dream? The short slice of life video contains just one of the many reasons I chose […]