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{Joyous Holidays} Christmas Day Menu

by Africa
I woke up this morning and realized I had no idea what I would be serving on Christmas Day. I know it is over two weeks away, but I like to be prepared! Thoughts of roasts, ham, turkeys, and steak (yes, steak or was it fajitas?) danced through my head. Then I remembered two things almost at the same time: Hubby said not to go crazy extravagant with Christmas dinner, and My daughter will be with her dad for Christmas. That means it will be hubby, son, and me. My son is a grazer, so thinking he will sit and […]

{Joyous Holidays} Breaking Bread

by Africa
Holidays are the time for wonderful meals with family and friends. So many holiday events, so little time. I am known for bringing holiday goodies to events. Not just any holiday goodies, homemade cookies, cakes, and candies. Things get extra crazy a few days before Christmas. My daughter, Hunter, and I work like crazy to make sure we bake up enough for each family’s household we will be seeing. It is quite a bit as my parents are divorced and remarried. I have three siblings on each side of my family. Then it just extends out from there. My baby […]