Where Strategy Meets Spirit Craft Your Success Foundation

"Divine Systems is a powerful, new way for light leaders to run their businesses in the Aquarian age that systematizes the soul-draining aspects so they can focus on sharing their gifts with the world."

Africa Archield

Welcome to the threshold of transformation — where the soul of your business meets the strategy it craves.

At Divine Systems, we don’t just build businesses; we nurture them from the roots of your deepest spiritual insights, watering them with the clearest strategic frameworks until they bloom into entities of purpose, prosperity, and profound impact.

Here, your vision is honored, your spirit is nurtured, and your business flourishes — not in spite of your values, but because of them. We believe in the power of weaving ancient wisdom with cutting-edge strategies, creating a tapestry of success that is as soulful as it is scalable. With Divine Systems, you’re not just launching a venture; you’re unleashing your life’s work, supported by a community that understands the magic of melding purpose with profit.

This is where your journey to holistic success begins — a path illuminated by stars of ancestral knowledge and paved with the stones of modern mastery. Ready to embark on this voyage? Let Divine Systems be your compass and your map, guiding you to a destination where your business doesn’t just survive; it thrives, resonating with the frequency of your highest intentions.

Welcome to a new era of entrepreneurship — welcome to Divine Systems.

Their Success Stories, Your Future

Witness the Magic that Unfolds When Strategy Meets Spirit

I've taken more time away from my business to do the things I love & doubled my revenue year-over-year

Africa has provided so much useful content. In our onboarding call, she helped me get clarity on several items that had been confusing me and also gave me some suggestions for actions I could take that would make my business more efficient and profitable.

With her guidance, I have pushed the boundaries of what I thought was possible. I launched a podcast, host a regular Clubhouse room, more than doubled my revenue year-over-year, and added amazing new employees to my team all while working less.

Whenever I’m feeling confused about a decision I have to make or a response I have to give to an email or just feeling generally challenged, I reach out to Africa and she always has an amazingly helpful, clear, and concise piece of wisdom to share.

Jennifer Kassan

Jennifer Covington

Africa provides in the moment advise from a strategic and spiritual standpoint

I’m so glad I have the opportunity to work with Africa. She’s able to meet me on an intellectual, spiritual, and strategic level when it comes to my life and business. Whether it’s pulling cards and letting me know what I should focus on that month according to my chart, or helping me manage my team, or how to best position my offers, Africa has knowledge in all of these realms and is instrumental in helping me on a day-to-day basis.

You reach a point in your business when you don’t need paint-by-number solutions. You need someone who can meet you where you are moment by moment and advise you according to what’s coming up for you from a strategic and spiritual standpoint. So while you absolutely can have your team of coaches; your astrologist, your life coach, and your business coach . . . You get all of those things in one when you work with Africa which I highly recommend!

Africa has created an amazing, generous community

As a Soul Expression Coach, my mind is mostly in creativity mode. Having someone like Africa who’s able to speak the language of tech in a way that is so understandable for me is absolutely priceless. I was really touched by how fast Africa got back to me with quick, clear guidance to keep me going. One other thing I love is the community she’s created with her generosity. The group has the same feel of reaching right out and helping each other as well.

Denise Toffey

Africa makes tech easy

I started working with Africa after I sent a PDF assessment to a client, and the math came back horribly wrong. I knew there had to be a way to automate the process. Africa’s name came up several times as the one with the solution in a Facebook group I belong to.

I am so glad I reached out to her. She is The Goddess of Awesome! In short order, Africa got the assessment set up on my site customized just the way I wanted. Once a few people took the automated assessment, I realized how I could leverage the assessment to go from one-on-one coaching to running a group program while being in more alignment with the way I wanted to do business – blissfully effortless for all parties involved.

Thank you Africa for your expertise and for sharing your amazing gift. You definitely make tech easy!

Alysa Rushston

Discover Your Divine Pathway to Success 🌟

Welcome, Light Leader, to where your vision for success gets its wings. In the realm of Divine Systems, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Here, every tier of service is a unique constellation, designed to align your business’s strategy with the rhythm of your spirit. Whether you’re planting the seeds of your dream, ready to blossom in full color, or aiming for the stars, there’s a divine pathway carved out just for you.

Choose from our tailored tiers to find the perfect match for your journey's current chapter. Each one offers a blend of spiritual guidance and practical strategy, ensuring that your business not only grows but thrives with soulful integrity. Ready to elevate your enterprise to celestial heights? Explore the options below and select the path that resonates most deeply with your vision and values.

Luminary Launchpad

Embark on Your Journey with Confidence

Africa Archield

🔮Your Divine Toolkit

  • 30-minute Tech Onboarding Session Kick off your journey with a personalized tech walkthrough, ensuring you're set up for success from the start.

  • Private Community Access Join a vibrant community of like-minded light leaders, a space for support, inspiration, and collaboration.

  • All-In-One Business Platform Envision a sacred digital sanctuary where every aspect of your spiritual business flows in perfect harmony. From whispering sweet nothings into your clients' inboxes to scheduling soul sessions with the ease of a wand wave, this platform is the cornerstone of your digital temple. It’s not just a tool; it’s your business's beating heart in the digital realm.

  • Resource Vault Dive into a treasure trove of courses, worksheets, and templates designed to fuel your growth at every stage.

  • Bi-weekly Coaching Calls Regular check-ins to refine your strategy, overcome hurdles, and keep your business aligned with your spiritual path.

  • Monthly Tech Alchemy Lab A dedicated time each month to demystify technology and embrace it as a tool for transformation.

  • Discounts on Services and Events Exclusive member discounts to help you expand your toolkit and network.

❤️‍🔥Why You'll Love It

  • Establish a solid foundation for your business with personalized tech setup and strategic guidance.

  • Stay inspired and supported through a community that shares your values and vision.

  • Continuously evolve with access to a growing library of resources tailored to spiritual entrepreneurs.

  • Remain aligned with your spiritual purpose while navigating the practical aspects of business growth.

✨Is This Your Path?

The Luminary Launchpad is perfect for emerging entrepreneurs ready to translate their spiritual insight into a thriving business. If you’re at the beginning of your journey, looking for a blend of foundational tech support, strategic guidance, and a supportive community, this tier will light your path to success.

🌌Step Through Your Gateway to Growth

Choose the investment pace that matches your stride:

$4,444 annually or $111 weekly

Celestial Catalyst

Accelerate Your Ascension

Africa Archield

🔮Your Divine Toolkit

  • All Features from Luminary Launchpad Including Tech Onboarding, Community Access, Resource Vault, Bi-weekly Coaching Calls, and Monthly Tech Alchemy Lab.

  • 2-Hour Onboarding Coaching Call with Africa Dive deep into your vision and strategy in a personalized session, setting your course with precision and passion.

  • Quarterly Mini Strategy Intensives Every three months, refocus and reenergize with a 2-hour intensive designed to propel you forward.

  • Quarterly Lead Magnet Buildout Keep your audience engaged and growing with professionally crafted lead magnets, tailored each quarter.

  • Specialized Tech Support Beyond the basics, dive into custom solutions that meet your unique needs (additional fees may apply).

❤️‍🔥Why You'll Love It

  • Elevate your business with high-touch, strategic coaching, keeping you aligned and ambitious.

  • Engage and expand your audience with compelling content, crafted quarterly to ensure your message resonates and converts.

  • Leverage deeper tech support for bespoke solutions that not only solve problems but propel growth.

  • Benefit from all the foundational features of Luminary Launchpad, ensuring a holistic approach to your business's ascent.

✨Is This Your Path?

The Celestial Catalyst is ideal for entrepreneurs who have laid their business's groundwork and are poised for explosive growth. If you're ready to amplify your impact, refine your strategy, and engage your audience with soulful precision, let's elevate your enterprise to the stars.

🌌Step Through Your Gateway to Growth

Choose the investment pace that matches your stride:

$11,111 annually or $275 weekly

Galactic Guide

Your Ultimate Ascension Partner

Africa Archield

🔮Your Divine Toolkit

  • All Features from Celestial Catalyst and so much more.

  • Full Done-For-You Operational Management Hand over the reins of your day-to-day operations and focus on what you do best — leading with vision and creativity.

  • Monthly One-on-One Strategy Sessions Deep dive into personalized strategy development to keep your business on the cutting edge and aligned with your soul’s purpose.

  • Custom Tech Solutions Implementation Beyond off-the-shelf solutions, get custom tech implementations tailored precisely to your business’s unique needs and goals.

  • Direct Voxer Access to Africa Immediate, direct access to Africa for guidance, support, and cosmic brainstorming, right at your fingertips.

  • VIP Access to All Courses and Events Front-row seats and all-access passes to every course, workshop, and event, ensuring you’re always in the loop and on the leading edge.

❤️‍🔥Why You'll Love It

  • Experience the freedom of having your operations handled expertly, allowing you to soar higher in your leadership and creative expression.

  • Benefit from bespoke strategic guidance and tech solutions that catalyze growth and innovation, keeping you steps ahead in your industry.

  • Enjoy unparalleled access to Africa and the wealth of knowledge, insight, and support she provides, ensuring you're never alone on your journey.

  • Immerse yourself in continuous learning and community with VIP access to transformative resources and experiences.

✨Is This Your Path?

Galactic Guide is the zenith of Divine Systems, designed for visionary entrepreneurs ready to transcend traditional boundaries and lead their businesses into a new era. If you’re seeking comprehensive, bespoke support that covers every aspect of your business — from operations to strategy, and tech to personal growth — this is your call to ascend.

🌌Step Through Your Gateway to Growth

Choose the investment pace that matches your stride:

$50,000 annually or $1,111 weekly

Due to the tailored nature of the Galactic Guide tier and the cap on those served at this level, a Cosmic Consultation is required to ensure it’s the perfect fit for your journey.

Join Me on This Magical Journey

I’m thrilled at the thought of guiding you on this incredible journey towards a business that's not just successful, but deeply aligned with your spirit and purpose. Dive into the tier that sings to your soul, and let’s embark on this adventure together, illuminating your path to success with the brilliance of Divine Systems. Your next chapter is waiting to be written — let's make it a masterpiece.

Who's Africa? Your Guide in the Cosmic Dance of Business

Hey there, I’m Africa Archield — a blend of business oracle, tech alchemist, and spiritual guide rolled into one. My adventure didn’t begin in the boardroom, but rather in the quiet moments of soul searching, and yes, a bit of star gazing. From tech-savvy guru to spirit-led mentor, my journey has been anything but ordinary.

Over 18 years ago, I set out on a quest not just to build businesses, but to imbue them with a sense of purpose, passion, and a little bit of magic. Divine Systems was born from a revelation: that success isn’t just about strategies and spreadsheets; it’s about aligning your business with the universal energies and your deepest truths.

Armed with a kaleidoscope of experiences in education, finance, tech, and spiritual coaching, I’ve crafted a unique framework that marries the practical with the profound. Divine Systems isn’t just my offering to the world; it’s a testament to what happens when you dare to let your spirit lead in the realm of business.

Here, we don’t just chase goals; we dance towards them, guided by intuition, supported by strategy, and uplifted by a community of fellow light leaders. I’m here to show you that your business can be a conduit for your soul’s calling, transforming not just your life, but the world around you.

Let’s embark on this journey together, transforming your divine sparks into a blazing trail of success and fulfillment.

Frequently Asked Whispers from the Cosmos

Got cosmic queries? We’ve got interstellar answers. Check out our FAQs to see why Divine Systems is the rocket fuel your business needs.

What if I need more tech or design magic than my tier includes?

No worries, radiant soul! Should you crave extra spells of tech or design beyond your tier’s embrace, we offer them à la carte. Think of it as adding extra stardust to your already shining path. All additional enchantments are billed separately, ensuring you only invest in what truly resonates with your journey.

Are there features that all tiers can access but come with an extra sprinkle of investment?

Indeed, some of our most potent potions — like AI wisdom and cosmic SMS connections — are available across all realms (I mean, tiers) but require a bit of extra gold to unlock. They’re not part of the standard cauldron but are there when you're ready to amplify your magic.

Will my investment in Divine Systems bring me closer to the stars?

While we can’t promise literal star travel (yet), embarking on this journey with Divine Systems means aligning your earthly business with the celestial. Expect growth, alignment, and perhaps a little magic along the way.

What’s included in the All-in-One Business Software? 🖥️

Where do we start? Imagine every tool you’ve ever needed for your business, then add a sprinkle of magic dust. Our software is the Swiss Army knife of the digital world, equipped with website builders that could put the Tower of Babel to shame, CRM systems that know your clients better than they know themselves, and marketing automation that’s like having Hermes as your personal messenger. It's not just software; it's your digital dominion.

How do I know which tier is my soul’s calling?

Listen to the whispers of your spirit and the calling of your business dreams. Each tier is designed to support you at different stages of your journey. If you’re still seeking clarity, a Cosmic Consultation awaits to guide you to your perfect fit.

Can I upgrade my path as my business evolves?

Absolutely! Transformation is the heart of our journey together. You’re free to ascend to a higher tier as your business expands its horizons. Think of it as your business growing its wings. Just reach out, and we’ll make the transition as smooth as a moonlit lake.

What happens if I’m starstruck and ready to dive in without a consultation?

For those ready to leap into the cosmos with us, direct sign-ups for Luminary Launchpad and Celestial Catalyst are as simple as wishing on a shooting star. If you’re eyeing the Galactic Guide tier, let’s first chart your stars together in a Cosmic Consultation to ensure it’s the celestial fit you deserve.

Can Divine Systems help me during Mercury Retrograde? 🌠

Fear not the retrograde! While we can’t stop Mercury from doing its thing, we can certainly arm your business with tools and strategies to navigate these cosmic hiccups like a pro. With Divine Systems, you’ll learn to use these periods for reflection, recalibration, and even rejuvenation – turning potential chaos into a cosmic pause button for strategic planning.

Your Cosmic Calling Awaits

You've journeyed through the realms of Divine Systems, felt the pull of transformation, and glimpsed the potential for a business that thrives on both success and soul. Now, the cosmos aligns, beckoning you to take that leap of faith into a future where your business isn’t just a venture, but a vibrant testament to your spirit.

Are you ready to elevate your enterprise to the stars? To weave the wisdom of the ages into every strategy and system? Your path is laid out before you, illuminated by the guiding light of Divine Systems. Whether it's through the Luminary Launchpad, the Celestial Catalyst, or the stellar embrace of the Galactic Guide, your next step is clear.

Don’t let this moment slip through your fingers like stardust. Embrace your destiny, step through your gateway to growth, and let’s craft a legacy that’s as boundless as the universe itself.

For those celestial souls drawn to the Galactic Guide, or if your spirit seeks clarity, a Cosmic Consultation is your gateway to the stars. Together, we’ll chart your course to cosmic success and spiritual alignment.

The universe doesn’t wait, and neither should you. Your magical journey with Divine Systems is just a click away. The cosmos is calling — will you answer?

Will You Answer the Cosmic Call?

Imagine a business that not only prospers but does so in alignment with your deepest truths and the universal flow. That’s not just fantasy; it’s entirely possible with Divine Systems. The cosmos has dialed your number – it’s time to answer.

Africa Archield

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