Divine Systems: Your Spiritual Business, Elevated 🚀✨

Crafting Cosmic Success with a Dash of Digital Wizardry

"Your business is not just a venture, it’s a voyage into the unknown, guided by stars and strategy."

Africa Archield

Welcome to Your Business Evolution

Hey there, Light Leader! Ready to transform your business from a mere mortal entity into a celestial phenomenon? Divine Systems isn’t just a service; it’s your portal to a realm where your business thrives on intuition and innovation. Let’s make your business a legend in the cosmos, shall we?

The Cosmic Quartet of Divine Systems

Let's break down the magic behind the cosmos of your business galaxy.

Intuitive Business Coaching

Imagine having Yoda, but for your business. Our Intuitive Business Coaching taps into the universe’s energy, offering sage advice that’s tailored just for you through bi-weekly group sessions and personalized one-on-one coaching that illuminates your path — no cookie-cutter strategies here.

Operations Management

Wave goodbye to operational mayhem and say hello to smooth sailing. Our Operations Management is like the zen garden of business processes – we take care of the backend of running your business, so you can focus on sharing your gift with the world.

Technical Support

Tech troubles? Consider them banished to a black hole. Our Technical Support ensures your digital domain remains in perfect harmony with the cosmos, no matter what Mercury Retrograde throws at you.

All-in-One Business Software

This is where the magic happens. Our All-in-One Business Software is the alchemist’s lab where dreams materialize into reality. Sales funnels, membership sites, and CRM - oh my! That barely scratches the surface of what our software can do. You'll have everything you need (and want) in one place. Prepare to be spellbound.

Your Path to Divine Success

Your journey through the business cosmos shouldn’t be a solo mission. Let us be your guide, your navigator, and your co-pilot. Together, we’ll chart a course to the stars, tailored just for you — because no two stars shine the same.

Africa Archield

Exclusive, High-Touch, All-Heart Service

Divine Systems isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution – it’s a limited, high-touch service crafted for those ready to lead with light. Meet the trailblazers who took the leap and found their business universe transformed with a little help from their friends in the Divine Systems program. Spoiler alert: they wouldn’t go back to Earth tech if you paid them in moon rocks.

Setting up my tech was a smooth & fun process

Working with Africa was a DREAM… everything was so easy, even when you are brand new to the tech. She is so supportive and will go above and beyond for you, to make sure you get done, what needs to get done, so you can then do what you are good at! She made setting up my tech a smooth, and fun process.

Jenna Vincent

I was up and running in no time

Africa is a lifesaver. I appreciate how quick she is to answer questions and how willing she is to go the extra mile to make things easier for the user. Whether you’re tech savvy or a tech newbie, she’s awesome to work with.

Robin Jonna Rosenhaus

Quick clear guidance that keeps you going

As a Soul Expression Coach, my mind is mostly in creativity mode. Having someone like Africa who’s able to speak the language of tech in a way that is so understandable for me is absolutely priceless. I was really touched by how fast Africa got back to me with quick, clear guidance to keep me going. One other thing I love is the community she’s created with her generosity. The group has the same feel of reaching right out and helping each other as well.

Denise Toffey

Africa makes tech easy

I started working with Africa after I sent a PDF assessment to a client, and the math came back horribly wrong. I knew there had to be a way to automate the process. Africa’s name came up several times as the one with the solution in a Facebook group I belong to.

I am so glad I reached out to her. She is The Goddess of Awesome! In short order, Africa got the assessment set up on my site customized just the way I wanted. Once a few people took the automated assessment, I realized how I could leverage the assessment to go from one-on-one coaching to running a group program while being in more alignment with the way I wanted to do business – blissfully effortless for all parties involved.

Thank you Africa for your expertise and for sharing your amazing gift. You definitely make tech easy!

Alysa Rushston

Will You Answer the Cosmic Call?

Imagine a business that not only prospers but does so in alignment with your deepest truths and the universal flow. That’s not just fantasy; it’s entirely possible with Divine Systems. The cosmos has dialed your number – it’s time to answer.

Africa Archield

Celestial FAQs

Got cosmic queries? We’ve got interstellar answers. Check out our FAQs to see why Divine Systems is the rocket fuel your business needs.

How exactly does Divine Systems blend business with the cosmos? 🌌

Imagine if your business roadmap was charted by the stars. At Divine Systems, we do just that – infusing each strategy session and tech solution with a touch of cosmic wisdom. Think of us as your business horoscope, but way more personalized and actionable. Whether it’s aligning your marketing plan with Mercury's movements or syncing your launches with lunar cycles, we’ve got the universe on speed dial to ensure your business thrives in universal harmony.

Who is the ideal Light Leader for Divine Systems? 💫

If you’ve ever looked up at the night sky and seen not just stars, but potential business partners, we’re talking to you. Our ideal Light Leader is someone ready to fuse their entrepreneurial spirit with the infinite wisdom of the cosmos. You’re not just running a business; you’re on a mission to elevate, inspire, and transform. From healers to coaches, and digital nomads to tech-savvy witches, if your heart beats to a spiritual drum, you’re one of us.

Can you explain the technical support in more earthly terms? 🌍

Absolutely, Earthling! Think of our technical support as your business's very own guardian angel – always there, always watching (not in a creepy way), and ready to swoop in at the first sign of trouble. No tech issue too big, no query too small, our team of digital deities is on hand to keep your business running smoother than a spaceship on warp speed.

What’s included in the All-in-One Business Software? 🖥️

Where do we start? Imagine every tool you’ve ever needed for your business, then add a sprinkle of magic dust. Our software is the Swiss Army knife of the digital world, equipped with website builders that could put the Tower of Babel to shame, CRM systems that know your clients better than they know themselves, and marketing automation that’s like having Hermes as your personal messenger. It's not just software; it's your digital dominion.

How does the coaching aspect work? 📚

Picture this: you’re sitting around a campfire (virtually, of course), stars twinkling above, as you and your guide – that’s me! – plot the course of your business journey. Our coaching is one-part cosmic exploration, one-part deep dive into the nether regions of your business potential. With group sessions to share the journey and one-on-one sessions for personalized mapping, we're here to ensure your business not only grows but glows.

Is Divine Systems right for me if I’m not “tech-savvy”? 🛸

Absolutely! You don’t need to be a wizard at tech (leave that to us). If you can dream it, we can build it. Our mission is to make the tech part of your business as seamless as slipping into a warm bath. No more tech tantrums, no more digital dismay – just you, your vision, and a universe of possibilities, with us handling the mortal realm of code and pixels.

How do I get started with Divine Systems? 🚀

Ready to launch your business into the stratosphere? Simply click on the “Blast Off to Brilliance” button and schedule your Cosmic Consultation. During this call, we’ll map out your business stars, align your digital destiny, and set the course for a journey that’s written in the stars.

Can Divine Systems help me during Mercury Retrograde? 🌠

Fear not the retrograde! While we can’t stop Mercury from doing its thing, we can certainly arm your business with tools and strategies to navigate these cosmic hiccups like a pro. With Divine Systems, you’ll learn to use these periods for reflection, recalibration, and even rejuvenation – turning potential chaos into a cosmic pause button for strategic planning.

Power Your Business with Cosmic Wisdom & Effortless Tech

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