Africa Archield

Thanks!  Your Escape Plan Checklist is on it’s way!

Now what? . . . if you’re like me, once you’ve made a decision to change something . . .

You want to move swiftly toward the goal, right?

Knowing how to swiftly execute the five items on the checklist in combination with your lifestyle and business desire is vital to your success.

If you really are READY to leave your soul-sucking 9-to-5, get an implementable plan together now.

I am offering you a FREE 1-on-1 planning session so that you have a that addresses your individual challenges.

Ready to craft your plan?

In this Custom Escape Plan Session you will walk away with:

To get yours, you’ll need to claim it now before WORK drags you away from your goal.


It's Time to Make a Change!


Guide to Spiritual Women Building Online Empires

A guide for you, a spiritual woman building her online empire that supports her soul-aligned lifestyle WITHOUT compromise.

I’ve been right where you are now.  I woke up and realized that in both my higher ed teaching life and corporate career that my ambition and creativity were either strangled or I needed to compromise my values.  Instead of accepting that was the way life had to be, I wanted to be better and do better. 


Now, its my passion to share this with women just like you, so you too can escape your corporate nightmare and live a soul-aligned life with an online business that supports it all.

I’ve been living this way since 2006.  I’ve learned quite a bit during mine and my clients’ journeys.  I look forward to shortening the learning curve for you, too. 💕