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What's It Like Working With Africa?

Africa listens to your challenges.  She is able to effortlessly deliver strategies, tools, and resources that are uniquely tailored to you.  I believe anyone who is ready to step into their authenticity and be open to growing should work with Africa. She is my go-to-girl for all things tech!

Darla Kirchner

Brand Strategist

Africa is my Biz Strategist Extraordinaire! I can't tell you how much she has helped me this year with my business.  Things are beginning to move and shake in whole new directions.  This woman is practical and genius all at the same time and a joy to work with!

Linda Galvan

Vibrational Alchemist

Africa has not only helped me establish my private healing practice but also helped to get it out there.  She is such a wealth of information about everything business! Things that used to scare me, like finances, pricing, or public speaking, don’t have that affect anymore.

Renee Deubner

Energy Healer

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3 Lies Women with a Message (aka Entrepreneurs) Tell Themselves

Sometimes it is easy to tell when someone is lying to you. It could be how they shift their body, or their voice cracks, or a general nervousness about them. You get to take in the whole picture, not just what they are saying to you. But, it is a little different when it comes to the lies we tell ou...

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Listen to Who You Serve

Have you come up with a new biz idea or concept for your current biz, and then shared it with your peers, friends, and family? How well was it received? Did you get a lot of advice that was well meaning, but perhaps not on point? Well, that's what happened to the little bear in this story. He was ch...

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What to Do When You Feel Stuck or Overwhelmed in Your Biz

Have you been stuck on something when you are in creation mode for your biz? Things like picking a graphic, deciding on a color or even a font, and then you don't move forward on everything else that needs to get done?

I'm definitely guilty of this!

In this quick scope, I relay some advice I g...

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What to Do When Someone Unsubscribes from Your List

Do you find yourself getting a little emotional when someone unsubscribes from your list, unlikes your fanpage, or in some way checks out of your tribe? I know it can really push my buttons!

I use to get a lot like my client that I prompted me to make this video. Now I look at the whole unsubscri...

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Tech30 | Video Equipment and Sharing 101

01:10  Lighting for video
11:45 Audio for video
15:10  Video tips
17:20  Using Periscope for video
20:15 Google Hangout on Air webpage setup


Join us for the next Tech30...

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Tech Review | Easy Plugin to Back Up Your WordPress Site

Is you website/blog backed up on a regular basis? If not, you might find it difficult to recover all the hard work you put in over the days, months, or years.

In this review I discuss why to backup your blog you...

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