Inner Light Meditations

Elevate Your Spirit — Empower Your Leadership

🌟 Hello, Light Leader! 🌟

Ready for a spiritual upgrade and leadership boost? Dive into Inner Light Meditations – not your average meditation club. It’s your secret garden where spirituality and leadership merge in perfect harmony.

Why You'll Love Inner Light Meditations

Mind-Blowing Sessions

Each meditation is a mini-adventure, stirring your soul and sharpening your leader’s edge.

Ever-Growing Library

Constantly updated with fresh, juicy meditations to keep your practice as dynamic as you are.

Africa's Expert Touch

Led by yours truly, expect a mix of intuitive wisdom, energy sparkles, and leadership love in each time.

What’s the Buzz Inside?

  • A kaleidoscope of guided meditations, each sprinkling a little more magic into your leadership journey.

  • Monthly live sessions with me, Africa – think of it as your spiritual spa day, with a side of empowerment.

  • Tips, tricks, and sparkle to supercharge both your inner peace and your leadership swagger.

Snag the Launch Special!

To kick off Inner Light Meditations, I’m offering special founder’s pricing and throwing in an unbelievable bonus...a mini-oracle session with me a $222 value.

Join now to lock in the founder’s price of $111 annually or $15 monthly and receive exclusive access to this transformative experience. Deepen your journey as an empowered, spiritually connected leader while nourishing your soul.

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Check out how our people have transformed, finding their inner zen and outer boss-ness through Inner Light Meditations.


Africa is an energy intuitive, meditation guide, tech alchemist, and long time business coach to 6-figure business owners. As a Business Coach & Oracle, she guides people into birthing more of their soul, flow, and magic into their lives and businesses. Africa's biggest gift is to help you tap more fully into your intuitive nature, raise your vibration even higher and remove the blocks that might have been standing in the way of your best life.

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