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Y’all are making me blush!  Thanks for your kind love notes!

In just one hour, Africa helped me to clarify my next steps in growing my online business.

I’ve been consulting in the autism field for over a decade and trying to put the information online for the last 5 years. This spring I finally launched my online course: Autism ABA Help: An Online Program for Professionals and “Gung-Ho” Parents which was a huge success. I launched again in July and that time was even more successful.

In the past 5 years I have met with several online business coaches and each helped me a little bit. Thus, prior to meeting with Africa, I was unsure what to do next.

As an Online Edge Academy member for the past 2 years, I knew of Africa’s reputation and online brand so when I saw a FB ad, I signed up for a 1:1 coaching session.

In just one hour, Africa helped me to clarify my next steps in growing my online business. She prepared ahead of time and let me tell her what I needed. I have never had such an amazing online business coaching session!

I have a list to implement that I’m going to work on now! Africa was able to help me strategize quickly and I’m confident I will see a lot of positive changes from her advise.

I think Africa is an excellent coach, especially for solo practitioners trying to start or grow their online business.

I love her advice: “Don’t shoot for the floor!” This is true for service prices, for business or personal goals, for manifesting things in life…for anything!

I had just recently discovered that I had a healing gift. I didn’t have a clue how to set up a private practice and price it or market my gift. At the time I also didn’t understand how it would fit into my current business, Mother Mary’s Journeys.

In those early days, I talked to all of my friends who had private healing or spiritual practices, trying to make sense of what would work best for me. Friends’ prices and private practices were all over the map! I had a terrible time with the idea of asking for what I thought I was worth.

I love her advice: “Don’t shoot for the floor!” This is true for service prices, for business or personal goals, for manifesting things in life…for anything!

Africa and I met at a local networking event and went out for a friendly coffee. I already had all of these business questions floating around in my head, like How much do I charge?, What do I call myself?, and How do I get myself out there?

After briefly explaining my situation about setting up a private healing practice, Africa gave me 6 invaluable points to consider when starting out! It was the exact advice I needed to hear at the exact time I needed to hear it!

I signed up for Africa’s Transform Your Money Experience program. In my business and personal life, I wanted to change the way I thought about money; it’s nothing to be afraid of! The exercises I worked through as well as the daily practices are invaluable to me now. It’s taken the fear out of thinking about or dealing with money.

I am also in her Biz Accelerator program which has not only helped me establish my private healing practice but also helped to get it out there.

She is such a wealth of information about everything needed to set up and market a business! It’s not just about setting up a good relationship with money, Africa’s program is also about effective social media, video production, webinars and teleclasses…It covers everything!

Time after time, Africa has lovingly pushed me out of my comfort zone in a lot of different areas of my business. I’ve had a more public presence since I started working with her that I maybe wouldn’t have had on my own. For me, it’s been about overcoming a lot of fear, but Africa has been such an encouraging cheerleader! Africa is also very intuitive and a strong connection to Divine Guidance. I know that her coaching is really serving the best and highest interest for myself and my business.

Working with Africa, for me, has been all about “Feel the fear and do it anyway”! The things that used to scare me, like finances, pricing, or public speaking about my business, don’t have that affect anymore. This has been as much a personal journey as it’s been a practical one!

I didn’t realize I had the “money is bad” seed still planted inside. 

I left the corporate world as a designer and I took the leap into the fine art world.  During which I fell into the dreaded “starving artist” mentality.  To detach from “starving artist” mode, I took courses to help me price my work correctly.

Africa helped me realize that making money is not bad, it a resource to creating your best life.   It was like a switch to the lightbulb came on after all these years!  I didn’t realize I had the “money is bad” seed still planted inside.  Africa helped me dig the seed out and throw it away because it never served me.  Money is a tool, a tool to help achieving my goals and living the life I love.

I have a MUCH healthier understanding of money.  After 20 yrs, I now help artist and creatives grow their businesses as a coach, trainer and speaker.  I understand how important having a positive mindset about earning money is and it’s purpose.  After working with Africa I can now serve my creative community with a clear understanding of my new-found positive money mindset.

Africa is genuine and joy filled.  She is compassionate and her light shines through as she listens to your challenge.  Africa is able to effortlessly deliver strategies, tools and resources in her uniquely spirited way.  I believe anyone who is ready to step into their authenticity and be open to growing should work with Africa.  Life is a journey and along the way you meet some amazing people who have gifts that are filled with joy and abundance of positive tools to help you find clarity in your life and business.  Africa is one of those rare people whose light shines bright.  Thank you Africa for being you and being in my life!

Darla KirchnerBrand StrategistCreative Biz School

I was feeling blocked in business and was approaching the problem with my head. This was only getting me deeper into the land of stuck. Africa put together a fun and clever exercise to help me look at the problem not as a problem, but rather as an opportunity! Using her reassuring presence, guiding words and calming tone, she helped me to see my past career history as something to embrace, not hide as I continue on my entrepreneurial journey. She showed me the JOY in my work, of my work, that my work brings and the joy I receive by doing my work! ♥

Lauren Hunt

I knew I needed to shift my relationship with money and was curious when I discovered Africa’s website. I am so glad I took the risk and contacted her. The tools Africa shared with me about using the sacred money archetypes has given me a lot of insight into myself and how I can shift. Africa is very intuitive and could see through my stuff to get right to the core work that I need to address. She is very authentic, real and down to earth. I appreciate that she is mother juggling it all just like me. Thank you Africa!

Africa’s bubbly personality is absolutely contagious. So much happiness and love charging, you can’t help but feel at ease, accepted, honored and celebrated. Africa’s talents are not just that, she is also incredibly intuitive and caring. My Money Personality Reading brought up some unknown challenges for which Africa had some great solutions. I have gained great insight into my personal money story and now that I understand how to use my gifts and strengths to overcome challenges, sky is the limit! Thank you Africa! ♥

Karmen ReedKickoff Topic

I clicked on Africa’s site because of the name! Joy Strategist! It rocked my world, it fit my mission and I just wanted to talk to her. What keeps me talking with her is her laughter. Joyous Skin is about creating happy, healthy skin. A life style of healthy skin and a happy balanced life is my mission. Africa is helping me keep the Joy in Joyous Skin, finding me resources, and people to connect with to generate energy in my business. Connection and community are some of Africa’s awesome skills, talk to her about how you are feeling and she inspires you. Thank you for the blessing of your life and community.

Tanya GioiaFounderJoyous Skin Care

Africa was amazing to talk to. Her energy was so warm and welcoming. We discussed my money personality via my Sacred Money Archetypes. Such great insight and wonderful aha moments! Knowing my money personality and seeing how my top three archetypes blend together is fantastic and it offers a unique opportunity to see inside oneself and grow and expand. Money can be such a taboo subject. Africa held a beautiful safe space to talk about such a sensitive topic. Honoring you dear Africa! Thank you!

Janelle Alex, PhDThe Barefoot Soul Mentor

In one interview, Africa asked me what type of game would describe my life. Apparently my response was unusual, but it was genuine. The interview continued, and Africa asked more questions about my game choice and how I might modify the game. While I have not made very drastic modifications in my game (it still needs more color), her questions and my responses have stayed with me ever since.

Velda Arnaud, PhD

Africa delivered me one powerful Money Personality Reading! She clearly brought intuitive and insightful gifts to the table to walk me through a process that wove together my innate strengths around money and my known and not so known money challenges. I walked away from this session with a clear breakthrough on a secret saboteur that is ready to be honored and healed. I am amazed at the fluency the archetypes carry and Africa was skillfully able to shine a light on key ways for me to stand in my huge value and credibility as a mover and shaker in this beautiful world. Thank you big-time Africa!

Stephanie Trager, JDIntentional Paradigms

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