Doors Closing In . . .

Full Pay


Africa has not only helped me establish my private healing practice but also helped to get it out there.  She is such a wealth of information about everything business! Things that used to scare me, like finances, pricing, or public speaking, don’t have that affect anymore.

Renee Deubner

Energy Healer

Africa listens to your challenges.  She is able to effortlessly deliver strategies, tools, and resources that are uniquely tailored to you.  I believe anyone who is ready to step into their authenticity and be open to growing should work with Africa. She is my go-to-girl for all things tech!

Darla Kirchner

Brand Strategist

Africa is my Biz Strategist Extraordinaire! I can't tell you how much she has helped me this year with my business.  Things are beginning to move and shake in whole new directions.  This woman is practical and genius all at the same time and a joy to work with!

Linda Galvan

Vibrational Alchemist

Here's What You Get When You Join:

  • Start strong with one-on-one private coaching to develop your custom 90 day plan . . .

  • Stay on track with Office Hours twice a week . . .

  • Use the private FaceBook group to harness the power of community for collaboration and in the moment coaching . . .

  • Make quantum leaps with your online presence during monthly Get-It-Done days . . .

  • Create a biz that supports your lifestyle so that neither you nor your message burns out . . .

  • Be empowered with the knowledge and skill to use tech to run and automate your online biz . . .

  • Learn all the pieces to make sound business decisions as you go global with your message . . .

  • . . . and much, MUCH more!

Plus You'll Also Receive These Amazing Bonuses:

  • Five - 30 minute private sessions with Africa for those who pay in full . . .

  • Book Limelight Sessions to receive feedback and support from your peers before using tech for the first time or presenting a new offer in front of your audience . . .

  • Step-up of your domain hosting, WordPress installation, and theme + 90 days of website and email hosting so you don't have to do one-off techie stuff and can dive straight into what you want to learn . . .

  • Claim your FREE ticket to the Visibility Retreat and get access to a host of experts to build your image and brand on and offline . . .

Doors Closing In . . .

Full Pay


Have Questions?

You may find the answers below . . .

Do you have a money back guarantee?

No. There is a lot of private coaching delivered at the beginning of the program to get you off on the right foot and if you take advantage of the website hosting, that is also an additional upfront work done on your behalf.

How much access do I receive to you and your team?

We've provided a lot of access to me and my team during the 90 days of Maximize Your Message. You can access assistance from us: (1) in the private FaceBook group, (2) twice a week during office hours, and (3) once a month during Get-It-Done days.

I'm not a tech person, what if I get stuck?

Maximize Your Message was designed for people of limited tech abilities. You are provided with several points of contact with my team and me so that you can reach out whenever you get stuck.

What happens at the end of 90 days?

That depends on you! You will have the option of continuing in our mentorship program or parting ways from the hands-on portion of Maximize Your Message. You will still have access to the information in the membership site.

If you opted to use the hosting bonus, hosting will be continued for those who decide to continue with mentorship or you can continue hosting by purchasing a hosting plan with us.

Doors Closing In . . .

Full Pay