Meet Africa, Biz + Tech Coach to Smart & Ambitious Women
  • You want to create a rockstar online presence you are proud to show off to your family, friends, and future clients.
  • You want your big bold biz dream to come alive online.
  • You want to make money now, not just to turn your nose up at haters, but to look at yourself in the mirror and feel validated in knowing you’re on the right path.

You’ve got ambition, expertise, and desire – yet you know deep down that it just isn’t enough . . .

  • Because right now you’re on the verge of an adult meltdown, crying over the techie stuff, and consuming every free webinar you can find hoping to find a golden nugget that will set your biz on fire.
  • You’re trying to move your business away from the brink of destruction, but find yourself trapped in the entrepreneurial Bermuda Triangle of busyness, rabbit holes, and the “latest” magic bullet.

Don’t worry, girlie! I’m here for you ;D

I’m Africa Archield, and I work with bright and ambitious women just like you who want to take their big bold biz dream online, look like a digital goddess as they share their expertise, and monetize the bejesus out of it!

As a successful biz + tech coach with over a decade of coaching online entrepreneurs, website design, and finance experience, I want to help you:

  • Share your online presence with as much confidence as you share your expertise (no website shame here).
  • Let go of your techphobia and bask in the digital wonderland. Let’s reach everyone who is meant to hear your message.
  • Burn down the delusion that if you make money that somehow you are not spiritual or evil or some other such nonsense. I’m resisting getting on my soapbox!
  • Move past the adult meltdowns, haters, and self-doubts and towards your big bold biz dream. And, allow that dream biz to support your optimal lifestyle.
  • Thrive in your expertise and say good-bye to pulling out your hair over all the stuff that isn’t quite your thing. You’ve got better things to do with your time & energy.
I believe that its totally possible to have your big bold biz dream come to life online and have it support you mentally, spiritually, and financially.
Ok, I didn’t always believe it was possible.

I remember when I was where many of my clients were. I had taken lots of courses from leading gurus that promised the moon. Eventually, I realized I was paying to learn slight tweaks on the same things, but getting no further forward. And, my bank account was ransacked. I had spent tens of thousands of dollars and still had nothing to show for it.

My biz, finances, and life were a complete and utter wreck. Can you relate?

I had the knowledge. I had the expertise. I had the smarts. What the heck was wrong with me?

It sounds so crazy to say it, I was missing me . . .

Someone who could meet me exactly where I was, look at my mess, help me create a doable success plan, and most importantly, hold my hand while we implemented the plan.

That’s what I essentially did when I finally woke up and pulled my biz, finances, and life out of hell. It is what I do for my clients. And, it is what I would love to do for you, too.

Quick Facts About Africa

Africa Archield earned her EdS in Leadership & Social Change, MA in Adult & Developmental Education, and BA in English. She taught in higher education for over 20 years and spent 10 years in the finance industry. There’s time overlap in there. Africa isn’t that old!

Africa began her coaching career in 2006 when a consulting client asked her for life coaching. As a certified coach she also holds additional certifications in Sacred Money Archetypes, Marketing Funnels, and Customer Value Optimization. Africa is a member of the International Association of Women in Business Coaching.

I’d love to get social with you! Let’s hook up on your fav network ♥