Welcome Lovebug!

I'm So Glad You Made It

When you started your business, it was like whispers of a dream. The thought that you could share your soul's work with others and get paid to do it . . . AMAZING!

And then, reality set in. You realized that you spent a lot of time doing everything but your soul's work. You realize you got caught up on the hamster wheel of hustle. And, maybe you thought about or hired a VA or OBM. You heard getting support was helpful.

Then you found yourself spending more time troubleshooting sales funnels and mediating issues between your OBM and the rest of your team 🤦‍♀️

At this point, you likely have two questions:
How did this happen?
How do I make change that allows me to keep my sanity?

This happened because you bought into all the hype that is rampant in our industry about hustling and being on the latest trend. It became a game of constant marketing and getting on sales calls with anyone who inquired about your services.

Want to keep your sanity and step into your next level means turning away from busyness, putting the oxygen mask on yourself, tuning in, and creating a blueprint that intertwines the practical and the magical.

And that's what my team and I want to help you do so you can make seven-figures+, have the time to deepen into your soul's work, and share it with those you are called to serve.


Let's uncover your most aligned path to 7-figures
without crazy hours and a never ending to-do list
so you can emanate your soul's work

Soulful Reset

Hitting a revenue ceiling and working maniac hours? Lovebug, that doesn’t work for anyone in your life, especially you!

Let’s uncover how you can break free of the overwhelm/busyness cycle while scaling your business and putting more cash in the bank.   During your VIP day, we’ll weave magic together to make you and your business stronger without the hustle and burnout.

I’ve also had business owners do a Soulful Reset with me to . . .

Soulful Reset is an experience designed for you based on what you need for your business so you can stop spinning your wheels and start growing again.


I would not know how to counsel you on this without getting into conversation with you. And yeah, I know you are busy because I was too. If I wasn't pulling my hair out, it felt like it was on fire. So, let's cross out trying to get our schedules to match for a "discovery" call.

Are you up for easy + fast? Click the purple chat balloon at the bottom right of this page and let me know how all of this is landing for you. Then, together, we can decide what's next.


If you made your way here, I know that you are part of seeing the shift into fruition. My team and I look forward to helping you grow to 7-figures+ with the time and space to deepen your soul's work so you can share in a more impactful way.

#PeaceJoyLove Africa