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Make JOY Your #NewNormal

Just a few years ago JOY wasn't my normal.

I wasn't sad or mad . . . I wasn't anything. I was going along and trying to live the "good life" everyone talked about. Degree, marriage, child, nice home in a good school district, as well as the status job, car, clothes, and all the other trappings. I threw parties where all the "right" people came and had a good time. By all outside observations, I was living the dream.

However, I felt dead. Maybe dead is too harsh a word. Perhaps numb is better.

The opposite of JOY isn't sadness, it is numbness. And numbness was my normal.

Are you feeling numb, too?

The beginning of my wake up call was when everything fell apart: the job, the house, the car, and the "friends" all fell away.

When I got over the initial shock, I was relieved. I always knew I was trying to live a life that I didn't want. I lived a life that wasn't mine to live. In that moment, I was given an opportunity to rebuild my life on my terms.
  • I knew there had to be a way to live that didn't stress me out so much that my body would breakdown.
  • I knew there had to be a way to live that wasn't full of hidden struggle and misery; I always had a smile on my face No.Matter.What.
  • I knew there had to be a way to live where I didn't need to stick a metaphorical knife into my true self in order to fit in.
This is where someone would say they became an awesome badass in that moment and leaped to a joyous life.


Even though I was afraid, I took my first steps on a journey.
My journey involved learning true self-acceptance and self-love, upending my thinking on money, and re-alignment with God. That journey was SO.DAMN.EPIC that I gradually awakened to the fact I had created my #NewNormal . . . JOY.

I built a life that was uniquely suited for me to live.
  • I learned how to give and recharge.
  • I learned all about the epic vibration of joy and gratitude.
  • I learned how to listen to my intuition and body so I wouldn't go into breakdown.
  • I learned how to stay in flow so things could be easy.
  • I learned to combine faith and fun in ways that made fear a thing of the past.
During the journey, I stepped into my calling. It was something I had being doing all along since childhood, coaching. My experiences made me an expert in creating joy in every aspect of life and business. Now, I get to help others navigate their way out of numbness and create lives and businesses full of JOY.

Since you're here, I have a feeling, you want some guidance in navigating your way to JOY, too. Join The Circle.

What Is The Circle?

I would love to give you a step-by-step guide that works for everyone that follows it so you can get to JOY right now.
And if that is what you are looking for, The Circle isn't for you.
The Circle is a download of my experience moving from numbness to JOY. It is also the experiences of all the other women I have worked with individually, and those who are in The Circle with you.

In, The Circle I work with each person where she is in the moment and guide her to JOY throughout 2018. In essence, you receive individualized coaching during the group livestreams, if you desire, as well as the support of other women moving through the same experience.
  • The Circle is mentorship.
  • The Circle is support.
  • The Circle is your way to move from numbness to JOY.
Each week we have two livestreams. One is on life and the other on business. There is always time for Q&A at the end of each livestream.

Though I have materials to use for the livestreams, the actual topics are determined by The Circle members. As the guide, it is on me to provide the necessary background so that everyone can benefit. No one is left behind.

In The Circle, everyone supports each other as we all rise together out of numbness and into JOY.
Marvelous Mindset

Africa listens to your challenges.  She is able to effortlessly deliver strategies, tools, and resources that are uniquely tailored to you.  I believe anyone who is ready to step into their authenticity and be open to growing should work with Africa.
Darla Kirchner

Brand Strategist
Impressive Implementation

I can't tell you how much Africa has helped me this year with my business.  Things are beginning to move and shake in whole new directions.  This woman is practical and genius all at the same time and a joy to work with!
Linda Galvan

Vibrational Alchemist
Fear Forgotten

The things that used to scare me, like finances, pricing, or public speaking about my business, don't have that affect anymore. This has been as much a personal journey as it's been a practical one!
Renee Deubner

Mixed Media Artist

Hey Love! I'm Africa Archield

I'm an expert on creating joy in every aspect of your life and business.

Just because I spread joy like crazy doesn't mean I won't trigger you. I trigger people all.the.damn.time when it comes to money, self-love, and spirituality. It's my jam. I promise if you stick around, you will grow into the joyous badass you always knew you were meant to be.

Full transparency, my life wasn't always sunshine and rainbows flying out of my ass. During my childhood I dealt with physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. Then in my early 20's, my first child died at 6 weeks old. Joyous wasn't a word anyone would use to describe me. I was broken. I cursed God and lost myself completely for 18 months. Then it was about a 15 year journey to get back to being stable enough on the inside to consider joy and reconnecting with God. All of that to say, I will be there for you because I've been there myself.

Transformation is messy. If you are open, you'll learn to embrace the messiness. You'll dance in the chaos. You'll laugh a lot. You'll enjoy life more than you thought possible.

Together - you, me, and the women in The Circle will navigate out of numbness and into JOY!

If you're ready . . .

  • To leave the numbness behind
  • To journey into the unknown
  • To be guided along the way
  • To rise with a group of wonderful women
  • To step into your joyous life and business

Join the Circle

The Circle is a group of women who desire deeper relationships, richer experiences, more money, more time, absolute spiritual alignment, and discernment. In short, TRUE EMPOWERMENT.

In The Circle you will build a foundation of self-love, comfort with money, and a deeper relationship with God. This trifecta allows you to navigate out of numbness and into JOY and beyond.

If you are looking for a group of #basicbitches to commiserate with, The Circle is not for you.

We shake things up and support one another. Each member of The Circle comes with their unique gift. The Circle provides the safe space and high vibe community to explore that uniqueness and play with ways of sharing with the world. Can't wait to see what you bring to the party!

We all rise and transform together. I have never seen anyone do it absolutely alone. And the beautiful thing is with all the momentum we generate together, we'll create a tidal wave of energy that will reshape the world in amazing ways.

What to Expect in The Circle

  • Super private Facebook group to be real with your soul sisters
  • A sisterhood of high vibe women ready to transform with you through 2018
  • Content packed livestreams on self-love, business, money, and other topics dictated as the group evolves
  • Weekly journal prompts to spark conversation and your inner transformation
  • Accountability partner matching (mid-February 2018)
  • Quarterly visioning sessions to celebrate wins and set goals
  • And much more . . . Got have some surprises!
My Personal "I Love This Program" Guarantee
It’s really important to me that this program resonates for you, and you get everything out of it. I am 100% confident you’re going to love what you’re going to learn, AND I want you to feel at ease making this decision. So, I’m giving you through February 28, 2018 to make your final decision if The Circle is right for you. If it’s not, just let me know.  Show that you have done the work (journals and homework from each session) as well as participated in the private FaceBook group, and I’ll fully refund your money back — out of my own pocket.  You have my word on it!
The value of a programs like this is over $3,000. You should be charging much more for The Circle.

I am in a spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial transformation process. That opened me up to cross paths with Africa, and I am not letting her go! The Circle has already exceeded my expectations. I’ve discovered some truths about myself that stunned me, learned more about manifestation, and feel myself orienting in a more positive way around life. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

The payment options she’s offered to this community will not be found anywhere else, and that, IS A FACT MY FRIEND! The value of her teaching, personalized coaching, and dedication to your situation blows me away. Every day in The Circle is magical, full of much needed teachings, coaching, and RESULTS!
Lee Almodovar

Systems Analyst

Is this still for me if I don't have a business or want to start a business?

In a word, Yes. Even though we discuss starting and growing businesses on a weekly basis, you can still use the information in whatever way you generate revenue as well as in running your home.

How long do I have to consume all the program materials?

Once you enroll in The Circle, you have all the time you need. You can attend sessions live or watch the replays. You have forever access to the materials through the private Facebook group and membership site.

How is the program delivered?

The Circle is delivered initially via a private Facebook group with weekly journal prompts and twice weekly livestreams during the course of the calendar year. Livestreams are then added to a protected membership area for easy access.

Who do I turn to if I run into problems with the program material?

Depending on the issue, you would have the option of emailing support and/or posting in the private FaceBook group.

How much time do I need each week to complete this program?

You'll likely need 3 to 5 hours each week to complete the content introduced.

Will I really have a joy in every aspect of my life and business by the end of the year?

The Circle will provide you with all the tools and support to guide you to a joyous life. It is up to use to make full use of them.

Make JOY Your #NewNormal

Pre-investment questions?  Click the chat box on this page and get your answers!