An Exclusive Community Of Spiritual Women Creating Online Empires

I believe you can leverage the Internet to reach those you were called to serve, share your message, and make more than enough money to support your lifestyle WITHOUT having your online business take over your life.

You may be thinking that sounds like a pipedream because . . .

  • You feel like you have to choose between your calling and your family.
  • You never know when the money is coming.
  • You are working 60+ hours a week on your business and still not seeing the results.
  • You see yourself going through the motions with your family because you are exhausted.
  • You do not have a consistent way for generating new clients.
  • Your kids are telling you, "You work too much, mommy" all the time.
  • You are just starting out and have no idea what to do next.

If you resonated with one or more of these, then this is an exciting moment for you! Why? Because you’re in the right place and you’re invited to take the next step forward toward making that pipedream your reality.

Your Are Ready for Community

You realize that if you don’t take CONTROL and take OWNERSHIP of this situation you will drift further away from your calling or your family.  Maybe even both if the money doesn’t start to come in consistently.  You want to have it all.  You are ready to make it happen.  No one rises alone.  It takes a community.

Imagine the Feeling When You Business is Supporting Your Lifestyle

  • You feel more confident.
  • You spend less time working in and on your business.
  • You have more peace in your home.
  • You feel calm and happy.
  • Your business grows quickly.
  • You enjoy time with your family.
  • You feel like an awesome mom, wife, and entrepreneur.
  • You find money flows to you consistently and easily.

As your business grows, you won’t feel the need to choose between your family and your calling because you know the systems and community are in place so you can have both with ease.

I have been in your shoes.

I chose my family over my calling and my calling over my family MORE THAN ONCE over my decades of entrepreneurship.  Both ways was a mistake.  And the pressure to make choice would have easily been avoided if money was flowing in consistently.

I can promise you there’s a way to have your business support your lifestyle without losing connection with your family OR ignoring your calling.

Hey Lovebug, I’m Africa!

I feel in many respects, I’m a lot like you. I am ambitious AF and can’t imagine being any other way. This ambition at times has cost me the connection with my family, and at other times to put my calling aside in favor of what seemed more profitable.

I remember one day crying out to God for help because I was so frustrated.  My business was costing me more and more every month and I didn’t have any clients.  My marriage was falling apart because the stress of me not bringing in money was getting to my husband.  And, I found myself yelling at my kids all the time.  I was doing everything the gurus told me to do.  Literally, I was in tens of thousands of dollars in debt because I was trying to find the magic bullet.  I was trying to spend my way out of hell.

The reply I got shocked me.  It was to exclusively focus on my calling and find a community that supported me in doing so.

I sort of did it.  I found several communities that did support me.  Lovely local women’s groups.  And I would share my calling only with them.  And I began to see success.  But, I was afraid to share my calling outside those walls, so my business stalled.

Then one by one, those women’s groups dissolved.  And my business went from stalled to almost nonexistent again.  I never knew if or when money was coming in and my family life suffered.

I cried out to God again and got the same answer.  It took awhile, including two years back in corporate life, for me to finally do what was asked.  I began actively sharing my calling online and then started an online community of spiritual women entrepreneurs, The Circle.

What Is The Circle?

I would love to give you a step-by-step guide, the magic bullet I was searching for, that works for everyone that follows it so you can easily heed your calling, have a thriving business, and a unbreakable connection with your family.
And if that is what you are looking for, The Circle isn’t for you.

The Circle Monthly Membership

The Circle is a download of my decades of experience as an entrepreneur, mother, and wife who chose to heed her calling and have her business support her lifestyle.  It is also the experiences of all the other women I have worked with individually and collectively as well as those who are in The Circle with you.

The Perks of Membership

  • Content packed livestreams designed to help you create joy in every aspect of your life and business.
  • Individual "hotseat" coaching during livestreams so that you get the help you need when you need it.
  • The support of a sisterhood that wants to rise together and see you succeed, too.
  • Generation and sharing of ideas so the creativity becomes a natural state for you.
  • The inside scoop on the latest tactics to help your business blossom during the livestrerams.
  • A keen focus on mindeset so you continue to grow in the areas of self-care, spirit, and finance.
  • Learn the systems and techie aspects that are foundational for a thriving business.
  • 50% off everything I offer except flash sales and private coaching.


  • Two livestreams a week to stay in high vibe and flow.
  • Livestreams via Zoom to get real time hotseat coaching.
  • Super private Facebook group to be real with your soul sisters
  • Membership Site Archive to easily binge on past livestreams.

Topics We've Covered

  • Working, Playing, and Praying
  • Serving Your Tribe and Being Authentic
  • Map Your Income
  • Landing Page Review
  • Raising Business Capital
  • When to Get an Accountant
  • Business Formation
  • And many many more . . .
As women, we’ve been conditioned that it’s acceptable to spend thousands on college educations, weddings, cars, or vacations… yet when it comes to learning how to BUILD A THRIVING BUSINESS THAT SUPPORTS OUR LIFESTYLES we seem to get nervous about investing in ourselves.

Well it’s time for a reality check.

Traditional schools cannot keep up with the pace of online change and still teach traditional ways of doing business.  And you need an IMMEDIATE IMPACT on your mental, physcial, and financial situation.

Learn how to invest your time and energy so you can share your message and have the freedom you want.

Work in community reprogram your beliefs, increase your confidence, create custom systems to support you in your business and in your home, and finally feel at PEACE within yourself . . .

So to NOT join and stay in community . . . would be insane.

What is it worth to you to change your situation?

What will happen if you choose NOT to do anything?

Really let that sink in.

I want to invite you to invest in yourself, your business, and your future. 

The Circle Membership is CLOSED