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Hi I’m Africa.

I help women to finally get over their fears, drama, and lack around money so they can feel powerful even if they’ve spent their whole lives avoiding or failing to take ownership of their financial situation.

Now before you downplay, dismiss, or deflect, let me ask, do any of these statements sound like you?

  • You spend more than you make.
  • You have a good job but you never save.
  • You spend almost no time doing financial planning.
  • You avoid conversations about money.
  • You’re always getting bailed out of financial trouble.
If you resonated with one or more of these, then this is an exciting moment for you! Why? Because you’re in the right place and you’re invited to take the next step forward in changing your future.

You Are Ready For Change

You realize that if you don’t take CONTROL and take OWNERSHIP of your money situation and mindset you will doom yourself and your family to ride the money roller coaster.

Imagine the feeling when you finally get in control of your money…

  • You feel liberated
  • You have saving accounts
  • You feel stable
  • You have the funds to bounce back from life happening
  • You don’t need to ever rely on another person
  • You always know how much money you have
  • You can predict and forecast your finances with confidence
  • You have a relationship with money that feels JOYFUL

You have better relationships with everyone in your life because you are finally choosing to take ownership and stop the habit of AVOIDANCE.

I have been in your shoes.

I have been in the cycle of feast and famine.

And I can promise you that there’s a better way.

Being in the financial industry for over 10 years, I have learned how to that the first step to feeling FINANCIALLY FREE is to be aware of your patterns.

Meet Africa

I’ve been a successful life and business coach for over a decade working specifically with women.

I’ve taught in higher education for over 20 years and spent over 10 years in the finance industry.

I hold certifications in Sacred Money Archetypes and I’m a member of the International Association of Women in Business Coaching.

People who are truly empowered and liberated financially are intimate with money.

Many people never learn how to have a healthy relationship with money . . . If you’re ready to understand your money patterns and LIVE a new story this course is for you.

Here’s What The Online Program Includes…

Module 1: Demolish Old Beliefs

  • Uncover your deepest beliefs around money
  • Learn the #1 HABIT you need to get your head out of the sand when it comes to money

Module 2: Discover New Beliefs

  • Dive deeper into your beliefs so you can re-program your money mindset
  • Learn how to flip the SWITCH on your own “money boundaries”

Module 3: Understand How Money Flows

  • Change your own flow of money so you receive MORE than you spend
  • The key to effortless CONTROL of your money flow

Module 4: Stand Up for Yourself with Money

  • How to be BOLD in conversations around money and asking for more money
  • Learn how to see your self-imposed upper limits and BREAK through them

Module 5: Create Your New Money Story

  • Find out what your own money glass ceiling is so you can bring in MORE
  • How to SMASH the mindset that keeps you under performing

Module 6: Always Winning

  • Develop your own personal money MANTRA to break through difficult situations
  • Learn the VISUALIZATION technique that will finally help you create financial CLARITY

If you don't re-write your money story then you’re doomed to LIVE out old default beliefs that are hurting you in the long run.

  • Has been dealing with spending too much on shopping and avoiding the topic of money
  • Wants to earn more money in her corporate job or career
  • Is dealing with money situations that are frustrating or confusing
  • Wants to feel powerful, financially free, and no longer feel desperation
  • Desires to be empowered and support herself
  • Doesn’t want to rely on someone else to rescue them
  • Wants to feel confident in investments and purchases
  • Refuses to change or grow
  • Is struggling, broke, or have a victim mentality around money
  • Wants an easy button without having to do the inner work
  • Is focused on getting “rich quick”
  • Has a negative mindset
  • Is okay with being average or comfortable
  • Is waiting for prince charming to come save them, this isn’t a fairy tale

As women, we’ve been conditioned that it’s acceptable to spend tens and hunderds of thousands on college educations, weddings, cars or vacations… yet when it comes to learning how to ATTRACT and MANAGE MONEY we seem to get nervous about investing in ourselves.

Well it’s time for a reality check.

Because when you learn how to EARN MORE by working in concert with your innate money personality this will have an IMMEDIATE IMPACT on your financial situation.

Invest your time and energy so you can have the freedom you want.

You now know that there is a SYSTEM to reprogram your beliefs around money, get out of debt, earn more in your business, demand a higher salary, and feel at PEACE financially …

So to NOT follow it... would be insane.

What is it worth to you to change your financial situation?

What will happen if you choose NOT to do anything?

Really let that sink in.

I want to invite you to invest in your future.

Winning with Money

- Online Course -

Immediate Access

19 Videos

Arsenal of 10 Financial Flow Tools

11 PDF Worksheets

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3 Payment Options
$500 | Pay In Full
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Winning with Money VIP Experience

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Six Private Coaching Sessions

Financial Flow Arsenal Upgrade: All Tools Customized to You
Five Additional Financial Flow Tools

Four Additional PDF Worksheets

3 Payment Options
$3000 | Pay In Full
$1100 | 3 Monthly Payments
$550 | 6 Biweekly Payments
My Personal "I Love This Course" Guarantee
It’s really important to me that this program resonates for you, and you get everything out of it. I am 100% confident you’re going to love what you’re going to learn, AND I want you to feel at ease making this decision. So, I’m giving you 14 days to make your final decision if Winning with Money is right for you. If it’s not, just let me know.  Show that you have done the work for Modules One and Two as well as participated in the private FaceBook group, and I’ll fully refund your money back — out of my own pocket.  You have my word on it!

What's It Like Working With Africa?

It's easier to serve my community with my new-found positive money mindset.

Africa helped me realize that making money is not bad, it's a resource to creating your best life. It was like a switch to the lightbulb came on after all these years! I didn’t realize I had the “money is bad” seed still planted inside. Africa helped me dig the seed out and throw it away because it never served me. Money is a tool to help achieve my goals and live the life I love.
Darla Kirchner

Brand Strategist
I am so glad I took the risk and contacted Africa.

I knew I needed to shift my relationship with money and was curious when I discovered Africa’s website. The tools Africa shared with me provided me a lot of insight into myself and how I can shift. Africa is very intuitive and could see through my stuff to get right to the core work that I need to address. She is very authentic, real and down to earth. I appreciate that she is mother juggling it all just like me. Thank you Africa!
Lauren Hunt

Laugh & Love Life
It’s taken the fear out of thinking about or dealing with money.

In my business and personal life, I wanted to change the way I thought about money; it’s nothing to be afraid of! The exercises I worked through as well as the daily practices are invaluable to me now. Now the things that used to scare me, like finances, pricing, or public speaking about my business, don't have that affect anymore. This has been as much a personal journey as it's been a practical one!
Renee Deubner

Mixed Media Artist

Winning with Money

- Online Course -

$500 | Pay In Full
$200 | 3 Monthly Payments
$100 | 6 Biweekly Payments

Winning with Money VIP Experience

- Online Course + One on One Coaching -

$3000 | Pay In Full
$1100 | 3 Monthly Payments
$550 | 6 Biweekly Payments

Pre-purchase questions? I'm happy to answer. Ask in the chat box at the bottom of this screen.